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  1. Hey Pinky! I messaged you but havn't recieved a response Feel free to message me or email me at dcastro @ thinkfactorymedia.com
  2. Hey Everyone! +Just throwing this out there: Is anyone using Second Life to try and find their true love in the real world? +We're now seeking men and women nationwide who are using unconventioal methods to find love to take part in a docu-reality series on a major cable netowork. +If anyone is interested feel free to reach out to me: DanCast2014 or dcastro@thinkfactorymedia.com Thanks!
  3. Hi Pinky Parks! I understand this is an odd request on my end but...would you mind reaching out to me to tell me more about your story? Besides being a SL player, in RL I'm a casting producer and we're looking for indivduals who are currently using an unconventioal method to find their true love OR (as in your case) couples already together after dicovering each other using an unconvetional method. If you're interested, feel free to reach out to me and I can share with you more infomration on the project. Thanks!
  4. Just curious, if anyone is currently using SL to find their true love in RL.... Message me
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