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  1. There is no voice yet I can hear everything and my system works in all other systems but not Firestorm WHY?
  2. I am running Firestorm and I don't have people listed in chat when they arrive or when they leave I have looked for that setting everywhere and can not find it ?
  3. I did block and mute, however like I said they have over 400+ ALT's and they will bring one in and hit and push me or my wife Helen, and then leave before we can block and mute that one.
  4. I have personal information on a person that has 400+ ALT's and that person has been harassing me and my SL wife. I am not allowed to say anything about this person's RL information, but having proof that the ALT's exist, Linden Lab should have that same information, yet they do nothing about them. Linden Lab needs to crack down on ALT's , especially ones that harass people. If I can get the persons RL information, then Linden Lab should have no problem getting the ALT's information and linking them together and deleting them. As far as me muting them and blocking them, I do but they still harass, push, shove, and tell everyone around a bunch of lies about us. Oh Well guess it will be and endless battle of total harassment from 400 + ALT's.
  5. My friend and I are being harassed by multiple avatars but only had evidence on one. Is there any way to prove that multiple avatars to be the same person.
  6. I am on my back up notebook, it is a HP 15 notebook model 15-r030wm, Got it at Walmart for just over 300 and it works great.
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