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  1. To the original question (OP), avis are like the changing tech similar to computers, media players, etc. People bought a ton of VHS tapes for their VHS player, then the DVD was introduced. Some will not go for DVD and dispose their hard earned cash investments in VHS. People still keep their VHS, but more transition to DVD only because they no longer make films on VHS. Unless SL creators quit doing classic avi fashion and accessories, no reason for everyone ot transition over.
  2. OMG I hope he picks me...I followed him through all of his wonderful posts: 1. I am single and got no kids 2. I wear short skirts and short dresses 3. I Like doing weird and perverted stuff 4. I got big hooters and a very realistic *bleep* from the MP; and 5. I am also a firm beleiver that the *bleep* is the heart of a relationship Oh #$%^@! I get turned off by grammar and spelling errors, it irks me and makes me mute the I-live-in-my-mommy's-cellar trolls.
  3. Dres: You mean self-centered like how some people make 4-5 alts, have all of them attend and join the contest, vote for each other, go afk until the announcement of the winners, and then disappear after they take home the lindens gained by all the avis they have? Oh Heavens no...this is SL, it will never happen.
  4. As a hostess, I meet many people that come to the clubs I work at. Many of them become good friends that I hokd dear. Those I work with are one big family, we help each other out when we can. I consider the co-workers I work close with as my family, my siblings. If any of them have a family, I am automatically accepted into theirs, and thus my family grows. I have many half-sisters and half-brothers, their children are my nieces and nephews, their kids are my grand-nieces and grand-nephews. Many have parents which are my uncles and aunts, a few have even offered to adopt me as their own child. Work inside with what you got, because you never know.
  5. 1. Working in SL can be just as fulfiliing as contest hopping. Personally I love club hosting/dancing because i am a people person, my tips far exceed the earned lindens andf effort of contest hopping. 2. Many places have games like trivia balls, sploder balls and devices which pay you for just chatting and hanging out at one club.
  6. Find groups or places that you can share a common interest with. Meet and mingle with as many people as you feel comfy to do so. Aim high but don't expect high results in the beginning, meaning be true to yourself about looking for a relationship but dont have that be your only goal. Friendship is an easier goal to reach before an actual relationship. In RL, I love dancing, good music and crowds, so I found it easy to jump into a crowded club full of dancers and music. I jumped into local chat when I could and even started IMs with people there at the clubs. Many successes to you!
  7. Most employers in my experience do not search or skim through the Employment forum looking for applicants. You have a lot of different skills, so your doors to opportunities will be potentially vast in number. Start applying at places where they are advertising openings. I received many responses when I applied through the Employment forums. Bes ure to ask for a notecard describing the duties of the positions you are applying for. Happy job hunting and much success!
  8. Welcome to Sl, Mr.Bravado :matte-motes-big-grin: When I first started on SL, there were many places I visited: beaches, clubs, groups and so on. I made friends by frequetly visiting one or two places, listening on local and adding a comment when a question was thrown on the floor. How people there responded to newcomers going into their local conversation determined my length fo stay there. Pick a couple fo places that have traffic, don't start off with the most popular, pick on or two that has a medium amount. Go to Search for places, type in keywords that interest you (i love clubs and beaches so that is where I started as my frist two places), scroll down the listing that appears and pick a medium trafffic area. Have fun!
  9. Hi Sweet: Besides skimming through the Employment portion of the forums, go through the online Search function online and start applying at clubs, even if they have no ads asking for new hires. If you can , try to make appointments with the manager or owner for a informal interview. I have gained employment right on the spot after a few minutes with the manager on duty. Actively applying will reap more benefits in the long run. Good luck to you!
  10. I remember you, I am working during my hostess shift and a random IM from no one at the club arrives. First words, unique because it skips over the pleasantries and greetings that I would expect, asks me if i wear panties under my skirt. Maybe I did overreact during your multitasking toilet usage. My apologies.
  11. Prior to my current hiatus from SL,I worked as a hostess at 2 clubs, shopped for clothes and goodies with my SL mother or SL aunt, went horseback riding, went dancing with friends or solo at other clubs.
  12. I was going to offer some good words of encouragement but I decided that i will be the imperfect flawed woman you claim we are.and just be selfish and unappreciating.
  13. I am: 1. single; 2. looking for love; 3. without kids; 4. pretty and hot looking; 5. most of the time, wearing short skirts and short dresses; and 6. attracted to guys that use proper grammar and punctuation (a little stickler of mine). You got close. Better luck next time, sweetie.
  14. A recent sim that deals with a mixture of video games and comic book characters has emerged, called New Delta City. I visited it there and haven't had a chance to retutn to explore the sim. However, you can visit it and see if it is something that might pique your interest
  15. JKimikoL

    Hi all!

    Hi Everly! I responded to one of your other posts about being a hostess and dancer. I hope you applied at places and got employed by one or two. I am 4 hours ahead of you. Always open to meeting a new sister. IM me, we can catch up!
  16. Hi Nathaneiil: All of what you said could be said in a few sentences without going into specific detail. You are looking for having an intimate (essentially sexual) relationship with a woman that will result in no happy ending (sworn off partnership/marriage), but you are calling yourself old fashioned and a romantic. Any relationship, especially intimate, opens doors to partnerships and marriage. Lastly, she cannot be deceiving you and if so, she should keep it to herself than speak lies. Wanting a relationship without the possibility of it going anywhere is essentially "just a f-thing." Better to just say you are "looking for a sometime partner for an erotic medieval fantasy relationship with no strings."
  17. Too many people have posted looking for that sticky candy. Best thing is to advertise that you are looking for someone that is financially secure, has his own house, and so on. Start giving out specifics like millionaire, spoil me every day or anything like that will make some people think "gold-digger" or open yourself to remarks you don't need to hear or read. I was fortunate to find many friends, some who are very generous and ask for nothing. They arent millionaires, but they pay my rent, buy me clothes and stuff, and ask only to be my friend and dance with them. Maybe something like that would be what you are looking for.
  18. Hi Evelynn: Welcome to Second Life! I started off as a dancer, then switched over to hosting. Occasionally I still dance when I am in the mood. A few tips in my opinion: LOOKS - always try to look your best, appearance is secondary to personality and interaction but it is the first thing visible to club patrons PERSONALITY - foremost important in greeting and socilaizing with all types, enjoy what you are doing, but it is a job, take nothing personal. AVAILABILITY - be available every day if possible, the times you log in can vary to your RL schedule, but greater flexibility offers more time slots for you to work in SL VOICE - not all clubs require this, I don't use voice in the 4 clubs I am at TEAMWORK - everyone has to work together, there shouid be no rivalry or competition among co-workers APPLYING - put in as many applications as you can, sometimes a manager or owner will hire you on a trial basis just because he or she has a good feel from you during the interview (this is how a no-experience noob like me got started) Good luck, may you find success and many lindens!
  19. Linden exchange on my end is about 545L for $2.50 US dollars. 1 million lindens is about $4587 US dollars. In rl, the guy/girl must love really SL to put that much RL money into having several millions and giving it away.
  20. LOL :matte-motes-shocked: OMG...now I am depressed.
  21. I love shopping on the onsire Marketplace. Always something new every day. I love the Final Fantasy series and its characters. Always glad to help others if asked nicely. Other posters have responded in kind to the best of their ability and they in turn receive rude nasty comments. Sad. Not worth my time.
  22. The OP has posted many posts in the forums, asking about how to get a SL girlfriend, what does a man need to get a SL girlfriend. This post asks the same thing again. Prior posts have had good, bad and funny responses. Not once has he responded to any of these posts he started. I even looked him up in-world, sent an IM to him. No response.
  23. t sent you an in-world IM a few days ago. See you online!
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