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  1. Yes there is a TV that works GREAT!! There are several types of Television in second life. Let's categorize them into 2 general categories. One is TV on a prim. This is video playback capability that anyone can use and this doesn't need to be deeded to any land. The downside is that in order to watch a video simultaneously, you must press play at the same time (The JL Creative Lab Series One TV has a timer feature to facilitate this). The second type is the deeded TV that enables simultaneous viewing but the land owner must deed this TV to the land first. With any TV, the creator can include proprietary content or access to separate website offering some mainstream movie access. In every case we saw however, our investigation identified copyright infringements that are subject to big fines, loss of SL account privileges or worse. There is no free lunch! Recently, SL has made changes to the SL viewer and the EEP Version of the Firestorm (currently Beta) viewer. These fix all of the problems watching videos (we got zero errors), and video files from the "HUBS", "X" sites, "Tubes" and other popular forums all work perfectly Try a new TV .. they work flawlessly now with these new viewers! When you buy a TV, you are paying for the design and the scripted features of the TV. Referring to the TV that my partner and I designed as an example, the TV might include bookmarks for your favorite links, a pre-cached slideshow to display images when not in TV mode, resizing to a different place/shape when off. a homepage default that you choose, displaying videos in full screen, loading/pasting a URL link directly, a timer feature to facilitate watching together. modern mesh design, built in stands or wall mount, frame color options, menu and touch screen interactivity with good customer service. If you would like to see our JL Creative Lab, Series One Interactive Smart TV. These are a great value and work perfectly. Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/222042?id=222042 or the JL Creative Lab store link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sora/125/211/1403
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