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  1. Growing tired of hearing @Rolig Loon describe her clever trick to create a second LSL timer by using llSensorRepeat() to scan for the nonexistent "Bill The Pirate" and placing the timed logic in the no_sensor event, Maddy created me to foil Rolig. As so often happens, Maddy's effort was a failure. Never go up against a Smart Woman.
  2. I use AnyPose, which allows me to rez up to nine (I think) pose stands for other avatars. I can then move and pose them all, as I please. There's a setting in Advanced (I think) which allows running multiple copies of the viewer simultaneously. Performance suffers, but that's to be expected and not an issue of you're just going for static poses. And, for those who don't know, Maddy is one of my alts.
  3. Pfft, I've been playing a pirate kitty for just as long, with a name chosen to foil Rolig Loon's method of forcing llSensor() failures. I'm annoyed that she's not annoyed by my deception, but LL's still not gonna do a thing about it. ;-).
  4. Rolig Loon wrote: That's the price you pay for choosing a life on the bounding main, Bill. If you had decided on a career as a CPA or an actuary, you could have been rolling in loot by now. Chacun a son goût. How'd you know I've got gout?
  5. If any of you run into Rolig Loon, ask her to stop searching for me, or worse yet sending people my way. I'm broke.
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