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  1. I sometimes rp as a teen, a very rebellious teen. I don't really like to just rp the perfect family. I get so bored haha. RPing with other rebellious teen rpers is so much fun too. Sometimes though I find people tend to take it to OOC and hide behind rp to be mean to others and then I pretty much exit that circle because I just cannot abide being nasty. So while I like to rp as a very badly behaved teen in dysfunctional families, I tend not to say anything hurtful even in IC lol.
  2. Try a family rp sim like Acacia Falls. I am the principal of the school there, which has just opened for student enrollment
  3. Hi Eden Valley High is very good. Especially the home ec class Algebra is great too, and there are English classes and an amazing dance team and others. I used to go there
  4. lumae have a nice lilac skin and other fantasy colours, and also their one normal skin ( aside from their two group gift) they have a lovely super pale tone which is bare but would be a great base skin. if you have a mesh head (not sure if they have system skins anymore) pink fuel have amazing gothic skins. For clothes, the little bat, corvus, .....i cant remember them all off hand, they are in my landmarks but IM me in world and I will happily show you some stores.
  5. Hey there, I am Irish too. Message me in world if you would like to hang out
  6. I would love if someone could go shopping with me and show the where to get the nicest quality mesh clothing in SL. I see so many girls wearing such lovely things and while sure I can look where they got it, someone to shop with, who feels the same about quality would be great :). I am open to all styles.
  7. Are there any good legit therapists in SL? I can't see one in person because I live so far from everything so this is my chance possibly.
  8. I would be interested I'm free most of the time
  9. Hi there, drop me an IM anytime, I'm on SL a lot. I am new but I adore fashion and shopping and just hanging out is fun too hah
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