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  1. Okay then all my questions have been answered. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the fast replies. I'll look into the fitted mesh content but I'd still like to know about the mesh deformer if that is an option.
  3. Is there a way to put physics on mesh breasts such as the creatable physics for the default body? I know that Lolas have some kind of physics but they are rather bad and not as responsive to movements. The other solution I got when I was searching is a "mesh deformer" but there was no real explonation nor something that tells where to get such a thing.
  4. Well, it will just be for myself if it's nothing more than coloring. I'll look into these and then decide what I'm capable of. Thanks!
  5. I'm thinking about making clothes or atleast learning to change textures on existing ones. All I know is that little basic info the wiki offers. Are there any good guides / tutorials? And if I decide to "just" color clothes, which are allowed to be used for that?
  6. Good. I just found the in-game store which seems much better and bigger than what is offered in his marketplace. Either that or the thumbnails are less appealing.
  7. *sigh* Is the creator still active so that I could contact him somehow or are they lost forever?
  8. I keep finding so called "truth" hairs that seem to exist nowhere. And what about this store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TRUTH-Kalista-Streaked-cherry/5023234 Are these "stolen" hairs or am I mixing things up? Anyways, here are the truth hairs I was looking for and can't find: Truth Reese http://sweetdebkips.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/comme-des-fleurs-in-pink.png Truth Sienna http://sweetdebkips.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/new-truth-hair-sienna-2.png Truth Nahla http://kittywitch.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/double-bob.jpg
  9. Thanks everyone! Yesterday someone showed me around a bit, taught me stuff and gathered free stuff so things are much clearer now. I guess I slowly understand the basics now but anyone that is willing to answer some direct questions / give me their opinion on things: it's still appreciated to IM me. If I urgently need help with something again I'll make another thread.
  10. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Thank you for being polite and curious and not yelling BAWWWW!!! THIZ IZ STUPID, YOU STUPIDHEADS! You are actually off to a good start. As far as what kind of avatar I prefer, that depends on your goal. If you're portraying a reasonably fit adult human I'd prefer the traditional avatar as it has many more options available for it. The big problem is at extreme slider values it starts looking like a string bag full of onions. There are many, many things other than a human that you can be in SL but you'll usually have to buy an appropriate avatar from a merchant and
  11. First of all thanks for all the amazing replies. Also, I hope I don't mess up the quotes. KlistiesSeMio Ewinaga wrote: My advice to you is this: do not wear the new mesh avatar shapes right now. Right click in your inventory and hit "Create new shape" and you'll be able to make your own from scratch. How do I know what shape I'm wearing? So it's not really the question if the body (shape) is compatible but about making it fit? I'll look into it. Is there a difference between items obtained in the market and the ones in-game? It seems some things are only available in-game. ho
  12. Hi, I'm new and don't really understand all the these compatibilities between clothes, skins, shape, bodyparts, etc. I've looked everywhere for guides but all the info seems outdated, isn't good enough or just doesn't answer my questions. What are the steps when purchasing a body, which requirements do I need to take care of? Are skins the entire body or parts such as face, upper and lower body? What are attachments compared to the other parts and how do I know which are compatible? So pretty much all the avatar related things. If I'm correct these preset avatars are not working with the defau
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