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  1. My green slidere stops at about one inch and then freezes
  2. The parts of the overlay operate parts of the alpha body, but in a crazy order. I will try what you say. I know it is the computer because I tried it somewhere else and it was fine.Sounds like a corruption to me.
  3. It fixed itself apparently after shutdown and relog
  4. My Lara hud suddenly developed an overlay that appears to be a segmented circle lying almost flat over the lara "body" section of the hud. Both forms of the alpha work, but they are tangled up , i.e. you cant end up with what you want. I am using 6.0.15638 and the problem came with it. I amy have saved out something of the last version that I shouldnt have.
  5. I laid out $3K for computer and oculus just for SL.i got the list and put it in and SL now recongizes my CV1. In fact, when I toggle HMD i get the double screen of oculus. But sadly i cannot get it in the oculus headset. There seems to be no switches in the Oculus app to allow SL into the Oculus. Its a bit frustrating to see the double screen and not be able to view it. $3,000 $ spent expecting SL to have the program as they still advertise it. Maybe Im missing something somewhere. I realize that most of these posts are about this very subject and the aggravation of having a CV1 that wont work with SL.
  6. Recently bought a super computer with 2 intel Core i5-6400 CPU@ 2.70 gig (one in the computer and another in the graphics accelerator) and i get the message that HMD mode soes not support minimum requirments due to vertex shadeers and vertex buffers. This computer was okd by SL as a computer for SL online. What gives?
  7. The easiest way is to put on the outfit and then go to a 'PRIME AVATAR HEAD # XXX) and then replace the ehad and save the outift with the new head on. I am up to "head #4" and I renumber each time I change anything... Works pretty good as I always know which one is the newest
  8. I hope there is a way to save a new head globally to all outfits without rezzing each one up and doing it manually. Since i cannot move the head it means redressing a naked PRIME AVATAR everytime. AAAAAACCKKKK!!! It would have to be a slected group since some avis arent human. I want to put one outfit on and then click-click-click the outfits that get the new head.. Is there a way?
  9. I would like to copy all 25 pages of my purchase history at one time. Can this be done inworld? Or, how would I do all the pages at once in Google?
  10. I havent noticed that particular issue.I have the devil of a time typing because I cant put my fingers on the right keys and I cant easily see the information line inworld. All of the info boxes are a bit difficult to use in the normal way as they are quite far off the normal line of sight and I have to put them in the middle of the pic to see them. The worst is the bar at the bottom of the screen which ends up somehow in almost the middle of the scene. I may be able to fix some of this. Have you tried closing down external viewers such as google etc and also try turning off the music inworld and out. If you have running scripts on your avi, try removing some of them. In other words, throw out the baggage and see if it helps. It might even be your malware and/or other apps filtering everything. When I close Kaspersky, for example, I find that I have anywhere from 10 to 30 other lines open. I have no idea what this means, other than stuff is happening even though I dont know it. Sometimes I exit them one at a time to see if it helps. The result is usually no change. Your might be different. You can always put an exclusion in the malware for SecondLife, I think. Also, and this is true in or out of OR, cut your draw distance way back to the 300s or at least the 400s. This really gives your computer a break in the amount of work it is doing and almost always affects you very little as most of what you are interested in is within that range. Good luck to you and me both! Let me know how it goes....
  11. I have a friend speaking Portugese and it is so frustrating to communicate. He is a noob and it is VERY difficult to help him with his problems, esp;eciallt since we use dif viewers. He needs some classes and a few Portugese speaking clubs etc. I like the noob, but he is takingover my SL. He needs a new mentor and some classes. How can i find the classes.
  12. I have settled on the edting changes to my avatar. It is a royal pain to copy the edit stuff and nubers out to a word doc. There must be a way to find these numbers inworld and just copy them. Any help?
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