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  1. Hello and how are you? My name is Ali and am creating an interior business aside from other small businesses I have created. I would like to make a portfolio and am willing to do your home all for under 500L. If you have the furniture I need.. I can place it accordingly. I can change walls and floors as needed. I can even give you a free consultantion if need be. No obligation. I majored interior design in RL and ready to bring my skills inworld. I have yet to connect with other furniture places but willing to help another felloe resident. IM me if you are interested.
  2. I can't seem to find the LM anywhere. It's not coming up on the search tool bar. Please help. I am looking to apply for work. Thanks.
  3. WE HAVE SEVERAL POSITIONS AVAILABLE AS YOU CAN BEGIN AS SOON AS NEXT WEEK! We are a new company that caters to the family RP setting. If you are up for volunteering your time within a team of professionals that are dedicated to the most realistic RP from the best SL residents then plz IM me. We here are some of the current positions available: Intake Specialist Family Recource Liason Social Workers Mentoring Program Liason Eventas Coordinator CEO Assistant Residence Hall Coordinator Blogger Education & health Coordinator Work Force Liason Photographer Advertising and Marketing Director Athletic Director More details once you IM AlianaDiaz or Whiteangel Falconvale
  4. Hello guys! If you or someone you know are interested in renting a room in a huge three story, 4 bdrom home then please have them IM me. It resides withing a beautiful community, as the lot is partially gated, its deck soars into the sunlight view of the ocean and its back yard stretches down to the beach which is just feets away. The community has all you need but more so this home. There is just two bedrooms left. All make payments, work in SL and have credit cards on file so no worries of moving out bc someone cant make a payment. We are a family friendly home and welcome all that need a place regardless of gender of Just know.. you will always have a place to change your close or invite friends. Room will be furnished.
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