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  1. How does having formal debates solve the problem of that place being a den of snakes who would jump at any oportunity to sting anybody who does not agree with their opinion? How does having formal debates solve the problem of no free speech in that place, a really opressive place, a problem such as going against the majority's opinion getting you banned?
  2. You speak about freedom of speech, yet when I make a sarcastic joke based on female children actually being drowned in rural areas of china, since the male children are more valued as agricultural workers - I am ejected and silenced You speak about lack of political correctness, yet when I speak about using children for slave labor, reffering to the sad fact that they are used for it in developed contries - I am silenced and ejected. You speak about free speech, yet when things I say manage to offend people - I am silenced and rejected. That place is not a one of a free speech, tyrany of the majority rules the day there.
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