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  1. No not at all were very happy and happy in each others digital arms, if she wanted that then there are options
  2. so me and my partner faye [[ Will not disclose her rl name for privacy]] became an online couple September 29th 2017, it is getting very close to the date and we have no intentions of meeting up .. we are very much in love , take our online relationship seriously too the point where we do not see other people [[ not that it is not allowed but it requires discussion ]] is this normal.. we both are recluses .. and love our isolation/alone time .. i dont know what i would do without her in my life.. and since have transformed from SL to Discord.. where we spend our time gaming.. i hear of all long distance couples meeting up never of any couples happy with there online relationship and just staying committed to each other are we freaks in the digital age or is this just uncommon? from fuzzy
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