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  1. Are we not getting a Holiday/Christmas premium this year? Also linden LAbs needs to think logically with gift. Low prim, nicer mesh items benificial to those who only have linden homes, whiel some of us can use them on our other land, many can't.
  2. THe last thing I got was the holloween refurbished old item, there is no Holiday premium yet and it is almost Xmas, and no one wants the same old dinning set or teddies, where is are Holiday premium gift at? Also they need to make nicer mesh, low prim stuff aimed at premium accounts, and linden homes.
  3. Ignore ignorance, arrogance, and ego. Some adults what to RP their childhood, perhaps having a restricted one they never got to fully explore. Others want to RP having children, have Prim babies develop into children stages and automate them with scripting to control the avatar to behave like a child, follow, and animate independently by bot scripts. Which are impressive, and perhaps really bad scripts don't want their glory stolen by far superior systems to their scripts out of a box half baked systems. Their are plenty of kid friendly and those who are obvious loud shouters against childr
  4. Friends of mine are havign same issue on their rented parcel in Sunkissed and it's affecting the whole sim. Nothingcan rez, but you can terrform and build. You can not wear any mesh either. Normally a default gets screwed on server preventign object entry...
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