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  1. Are we not getting a Holiday/Christmas premium this year? Also linden LAbs needs to think logically with gift. Low prim, nicer mesh items benificial to those who only have linden homes, whiel some of us can use them on our other land, many can't.
  2. THe last thing I got was the holloween refurbished old item, there is no Holiday premium yet and it is almost Xmas, and no one wants the same old dinning set or teddies, where is are Holiday premium gift at? Also they need to make nicer mesh, low prim stuff aimed at premium accounts, and linden homes.
  3. Ignore ignorance, arrogance, and ego. Some adults what to RP their childhood, perhaps having a restricted one they never got to fully explore. Others want to RP having children, have Prim babies develop into children stages and automate them with scripting to control the avatar to behave like a child, follow, and animate independently by bot scripts. Which are impressive, and perhaps really bad scripts don't want their glory stolen by far superior systems to their scripts out of a box half baked systems. Their are plenty of kid friendly and those who are obvious loud shouters against children avatars that are handled in responsible manners, often find themselves banned across large linked sims and wonder how they got on the lists. Karma plays out. Those who use the "I don't want to be around kids, I deal with it in RL, yadda yadda.... shouldn't be aroudn children period. They clearly have insecurity issues. Also SL is not a Adult only world, so get over it. Work on your social issues and insecurities, then speak and try a wider social area. There were issues on SL with child avatars being used for abuse. This is not acceptable and it is good SL has been so strict on it, and got rid of it for the most part. However because of the weakness of certain people's minds, others should not be punished. I have seen anti children bullies names start popping up on large sim bans as well. You come off as arrogant with social issues. The often bullies simply red flag themselves and become watched. Be responsible is the key. Children don't belong in Adult themed situations, bars, night clubs, which is prohibited (TOS doesn't cover prim children since they are inventory, but acts are prohibited). They however are not prohibted in G rated areas, or moderate areas of non adult content. Sim owners can set own rules, but negitive publicity spreads fast on SL. I have actually seen a land owner ban a land renter of a 1/2 sim for harassing people with children in her rented store. THat person was ejected from the sim, all stuff returned, and she was not entitled to a refund. Many have created children on SL because they can not have children in RL, or have lost a rl child, such as myself who lost my daughter to Leukemia. If I choose to replicate or honor her with a fully lifelike avatar, I will do so. If people get loud, well the is a large network of consequence. When people are negative, educate the ignorance. Like in RL, they can't always have what they want and need a lesson on co-existing. When others are negitive, spread the news. Let peopel know then put it in a list of places that are not friendly and do not visit there. Some people clearly need to get out in RL situations more often rather then beign on SL that inhibits their weakness. Some are here because they have RL social issues. Others expand on their amazing ability to socialize with others. Which are you? I really question's spirits credentials. SL has in fact been used by legitimate psychologists in those terms of child loss. I can tell you of 6 personal cases where peopel do in fact want to relieve lost aspects of childhood when coping. I do however want to visit yoru sim, see what is done, and if it is done within legal terms. Diagnoses and treatment on SL wouldn't be ethical with any licensed therapist or degreed indvidual.
  4. Friends of mine are havign same issue on their rented parcel in Sunkissed and it's affecting the whole sim. Nothingcan rez, but you can terrform and build. You can not wear any mesh either. Normally a default gets screwed on server preventign object entry...
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