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  1. Hi, I have heard that landlords are offering paypal options for renters. I would like to provide similar and in addition to, other options for payment (LSL script to provide HTTPS page to take payment and do a llHTTPRequest POST to a payment provider API). This is in my view the easiest option in terms of managing both the experience and tracking who is paying. Aside from people adverse from paying in this fashion, is it actually SAFE to do it this way, given that both the hosting page on the prim would be HTTPS, and the payment provider (e.g. sagepay.com) would also be HTTPS
  2. Thanks Alwin, I guess my question now leans more on the security of taking the payment WITHIN second life, or MUST I make a website for them to do the paying on? Ideally, I'd like to take the payment without the renter having to leave Second Life and come back after payment. Apologies if this isn't the right place to ask this question - if needed, could you suggest another board to post it on? Many thanks
  3. Hi, I am looking at providing a product that people can "rent" from me - all the normal stuff so far. However, I am wondering if it is allowed to accept other forms of payment, e.g. paypal/credit card, instead of just renting in $L. If it is possible, the next question would be: How safe it to be to transmit the card details from inside Second Life to a payment provider. Or should I build an actual website for this? It would be a lot easier to have a script that the renter choose to pay using, that can then direct them to a HTML on prim, that is actually hosted by the scr
  4. SL fixed, party on the beta grid is over!
  5. by the way guys, the ADTI grid is up, if you want to login even just to stand around a chat with people :-)
  6. yes IPoAC!! i think you're on to something there ) personally never used it myself but know it can be SHOCKINGLY slow sometimes Anyone know of a region that's actually up and running? Of the regions I can ping, I can't find one with any ports open.
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