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  1. this par... i mean post could use a DJ! I request REM "It's the end of the world as we know it", pretty please.
  2. passes the peace pipe along anyways, and giggles
  3. you didn't offend me. i joked and made a little observation about you calling people wanting to get onto the grid crackheads for posting about it, but you came to post about and said how you reinstalled software, as well, and letting you know you're welcome among us and to join the junkee/crackhead crowd, as you put it. its going to be alright. the grid will rise again!
  4. hey bud, everyone has a real life, so please stop trashing on people who are posting here. what i am "understanding" is you are upset too, and you have you're own way of expressing it. we'd all like to get on the grid but doesn't make anyone better or worse. we're all equal here. have a cookie.
  5. "Good for them fixing whatever needs fixing. It would just be nice if the pop up said something a little more clear then making me think it is my fault, hence I look all over my computer for something and reinstall Firestorm and all. But no worries. Funny, most of you sound like crack heads needing a fix LOL wow what Second Life does to some people, simply AMAZING" IKR? they'll reinstall software before even reading to find a solution! junkeeeeeees!
  6. sighs and says "are we there yet dad??" as she slumps down into her spot, bumping her feet against the family station wagons front seat.
  7. i like to hear all sides. gives me more to giggle about later. but yeah, many spend alot of money one way or another here. larger amounts of members will become more annoyed as this goes on longer. sucks but we're all equal in that suckage.
  8. pushes the elevator buttons for each floor then pulls the fire alarm
  9. giggles "this is like being stuck in an elevator that has new people getting on!"
  10. personally i see no problem with people complaining a little and venting off some steam. forums are for posting on, and its also nice to see others are dealing with the same thing as you are, and that you're not the only one dealing with the situation, alone. I think situations like this make everyone, even the non complainer types, a little antsy pantsy.
  11. kicks and screams banging her fists and feet against the ground crying out "WHY WHY WHY!?! Just let me in already!"
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