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  1. You can resize the eyeballs in the Lelutka HUD under the eye tab (the concentric circles next to the arrows for moving the eyeballs' position). But .. Yes, that shape does look a bit extreme, as if you've tried to squish the eye sockets into the forehead.
  2. This thread was made in response to there being just that kind of a thread .. The social experiment, it appears, went a bit awry.
  3. Some pro-carnivore diet folks do claim that the best fuel for any organism are other organisms composed of the same building blocks ..
  4. They've had that here for some years now. At first it was 'smoking kills' and 'this tobacco product can be bad for your health'. Then I guess they got bored and wanted to change it up, there's been signs that go 'tobacco smoking can lead to blindness' and 'this product can make you impotent'. They also banned the 'click' cigarettes (and I think menthol cigarettes? Not sure whether it was national or if it was an EU thing). They then decided that to write what flavour snus has (non-smoking tobacco) could make it 'attractive to kidz' and so they made it illegal to put on the tin what flavour the tobacco has. My favourite pic was that of a damaged foetus. Since they keep the cigarette boxes in glass counters above the cashier, whenever you went shopping you'd see hundreds of pictures of malformed bebbes. Haven't seen those around for a while though, maybe someone was offended.
  5. I know, right. That's why I made this pic a while back! ... 'Cause I think she has such pretty hands, and I dig those rings. Nodnods.
  6. I wasn't going to post in this thread because it had already gone all topsy-turvy, but .. You can not seriously feel that paedophilia is morally equal to smoking.
  7. Would you like me to finish that half quote you used? This is quite amusing, you're going to love it. “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.” - Oscar Wilde Pet peeve: sock puppets.
  8. Careful, you might offend the lactose intolerant!
  9. Except he was the person who started the entire thing the other day by whinging about it in 'How does your avatar look today?'. Don't tell people they're mistaken if you don't keep up with what's going on. And oopsie, is John Goodman holding a cigarette, in an award-winning cult classic seen by millions around the globe?!
  10. I think you failed to recognise my overt sarcasm.
  11. I mean. The car industry, the tourism industry, and the pension companies?
  12. And smoke, if they like. West Virginia Watershed Network or West Vancouver Women's Network?
  13. A friend of mine died in a car crash. So, pictures containing vehicles ought to be banned. Another friend of mine drowned. All the beach pics must go. My grandfather died of old age, so obviously we can't have pictures of old people around. Oh, wait, the world doesn't revolve around me.
  14. I wasn't addressing you, as is evident by me quoting someone else.
  15. Throwing a tantrum because people aren't seeming outraged enough for you? Yikes.
  16. I'm confused as to why a made up character that isn't even a human being is being described as '13 years old but overly developed'. That's pretty creepy.
  17. People are cruel. They make fun of me all the time. Most of the time I just ignore it and they quickly get bored and move along. You were directly responding to a quote of a person whinging about a personal conflict which, obviously, regards other people on these forums. Your choice of words in response, 'people are cruel'. Now, if you didn't mean to attribute part of that denouncement to the people whom the rant that you quoted regarded, my mistake - but then, I find myself at a loss on how to decipher the purpose of quoting that particular harangue. Anyway, before we get yet another pet peeve thread locked .. Peeve: people who put wet dishes on dried dishes in the rack, so that you now have a pile of wet dishes, nowhere to put new wet dishes, can't empty the rack because everything is wet, and the things you need to make dinner with are wet again after having spent 24 hours drying. Also, because it just came up in conversation elsewhere - people with halitosis who choose to aerate their stinky oral cavities whilst on a packed communal transport via the means of whistling. Now that's being cruel.
  18. Cruelty doesn't mean you can't learn or discover new things, or that you can't have progress. In fact, throughout history, a great deal of progress and discovery has been accommodated by cruelty. Besides, how compassionate is it to brand someone as 'cruel', based on someone else whinging about not feeling approved of? Do you feel sufficiently informed of their character to pass such a harsh judgement? Throw not mice in cheese shops, and all that. What a compelling argument. I shall have to revise my world views forthwith!
  19. We live in a cruel world, in an indifferent universe. Why should we pretend to be any different?
  20. I disagree, I think it can be fun to do pictures with friends! --- Behold the power of contextomy! Also, when altering or inserting words in a quote, you're supposed to put it in square brackets.
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