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  1. Merry Gothmas! Can't keep track of all the things we're wearing in that one, but the pose is from Artis!
  2. I think it means that Talli is currently LAQing the resources to get the 'real' head. *winks*
  3. Oops, I did it again... The lovely Aleccia posing for me today.
  4. You're not alone in this. It's been a topic of discussion for some time among me and my friends, how most people who write on the forums that they are looking for friends and family are happy to add you to their friend list when you contact them - but then have no wish to communicate with you. One person was on my friend list for ten days after I contacted her through the forums upon seeing her looking for friends thread, and during those ten days I attempted to establish communication three times - each going pretty much the same, like clockwork; I'd say 'Hello, how are you today', they'd say 'meh', I'd ask 'what's up?', they'd say 'nothing', I'd ask if 'they felt like doing anything', they'd say 'not really'. So upon the third occasion, I got fed up and asked out plainly what the problem was - whether she felt too shy to communicate, if something was bothering her, or if she simply weren't interested in making friends. Her response at least gave us something to laugh at - "Of course I'm not interested in meeting you, when all you ever do is beg for sex." Now, I know some people think very highly of themselves, but how one can turn any of 'Hello there.' (occasionally exchanged for a 'Peekaboo'), 'How are you today?' or 'What are you up to today?' into 'me man, you woman, me wanna bang bang.' - I simply have no idea. That's the most extreme case I've had recently, but many others simply appear happy to chat when initial contact is made, but then wants to put no effort into communicating or making friends. I saw your thread earlier, and at the moment my family is pretty much in tatters, so I had little to offer, nor did you mention any time zone or online time-habits, so there were a few too many unknowns and uncertainties on my end to make a reply. But, you're very welcome to contact me in world if you just want to have a chat or hang out sometime, my friends and I try to get together at least a few times every week to hang out and have fun - and we're very much going by 'the more, the merrier'.
  5. And a non-selfie. Because. Because she's adorable. The lovely Aleccia patiently posing as my model.
  6. I like the fashion-forward gal next to you. Seems to be an awfully popular outfit.
  7. Semi-selfie? Yeah, let's go for that. With Carolina Schön as my lovely victi-- I mean, model.
  8. Absolutely, will do! Ah, yeah Internet connectivity issues suck. I'll prod you in-world when I have some time over and see if you're available. Worst case we'll just have to wait until after Christmas.
  9. Orwar

    Natural AO

    Voir does have a store, where you can try the animations one by one on their pose stands. I got the 'Almost still' one by them, it's... Almost, almost still.
  10. I've always liked taking the occasional snapshot in SL when I've seen something I like, and recently my curiosity has escalated; I've moved on to not just take the snaps with more attention to light, quality and resolution, but to try my hand at editing them - and so far I think there's been some good progress. However, taking selfies got pretty old pretty quickly, especially as I know there are people out there who put a whole lot more attention to their avatars' appearance. Since I've already had my friends go through their wardrobes and poses, I'm looking for people who'd like to be photographed, whether just as a fun thing or if you want a profile picture or a picture for your wall or any other application. I will not charge anything from you for having your photo(s) taken, with the exception of the upload fee (L$10/picture). The only condition is that the pictures taken can be put in my portfolio (this does not restrict the maturity rating as I can adjust this to the specific photo(s) in the listing, if you want them mature/adult, go for it.). Please note: - As mentioned, any pictures taken through this offer, will be displayed in my portfolio and I reserve the right to use them for the sake of advertising further business inside of Second Life. - I'm in Europe, SLT+9, so scheduling a shoot at 'business hours' may be difficult. Exact when will have to be discussed in person. - I will only pick one or a few people, who either contact me in-world or through this thread, each day - depending on how much time I have. - My selection of poses is fairly limited thus far, so having your own pose is a plus. I'd also ask that you decide what you want to wear beforehand. Some adjustments on scene may be required, but I'd rather not browse your entire wardrobe (unless, like me, it's limited to a handful of outfits). You decide what you want to wear, not me! - I do not demand that you have all the latest, most expensive, top fashion clothes or avatar accessories - but please, no 'Standard'(system) avatars or 'Starter' avatars. If you'd like to review my current portfolio, you can find it here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/160224995@N04/
  11. Playing around with 3-point lighting and projector lights. Raw photo, no editing done to it.
  12. Hello there, Kelsey! I'm SLT+9 myself, but our little friendship circle is pretty diverse and spread out across the time zones. Most are shopaholics, and we all enjoy exploration, games and goofing off, so you might just fit right in! Feel free to give me a nudge in-world if you'd like to.
  13. Non-selfie! Aleccia as a clockwork ballerina.
  14. I'd watch that movie. Would you watch that movie? I'd watch that movie. To the left we have the lovely Carolina, and to the right we have the enchanting Aleccia.
  15. And because of the file size upload limit per post, here's the second picture, in a second post. Sowwie! Model: Carolina Schön
  16. Since no one has complained yet I'm going to drop another non-selfie. Or two. Modeling for me today (well, last night) is Carolina Schön.
  17. Another non-selfie. What can I say, she's more interesting to look at than I am. Aleccia is a most patient and lovely model.
  18. ... Well, I'm still unsure of where to complain.
  19. ... Now that you mention it, I think I was. I'm not sure who to complain to about not being fed!
  20. Did the hair come with a resize script? If so you might have to make it slightly larger to fit your head - or make your head smaller to fit the hair (which you can do without the script).
  21. You know how you spot something somewhere, but decide not to get it, but then you think you should go get it anyway - but it's gone, so you try to find something similar elsewhere, and you find something 'sort of the same' but not close enough, but next to that you find something entirely different and somehow end up having it in your inventory - and before you know it you've put it into an outfit which gives you an idea for a scenario for a picture? *catches breath* Well, here's how that went.
  22. My daughter says that I look angry. I have no idea what she's talking about?
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