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  1. The Most Sensual " DJ Ninette " at Naughty Nine's Playboys Put on your dancing shoes, and join us at Playboys for Great music, great fun, great eye candy Dancing to awesome tunes, relax at the bar with a drink and watch the dancers in lingerie Time: Noon - 2pm daily Grab the LM and TP in http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Woobin/174/24/53 Sexy DJ Ninette live at Playboys 12-2pm
  2. If you are going to be updating the MP, please fix the seach so we can filter OUT words, I'd really like to be able to search without having to look at a few hundred DEMO items before getting to things I can actually buy. A simple - before the word to be search for would work, same as Google does it like 'dress red -DEMO' or 'dress red -mesh' I'm knew to selling on mp, only have maybe 30 items so far so don't know enough about the VMM to comment, I use firestorm and it's not on it yet. thanks
  3. Was just on the market place, all L$2707 in my account has suddenly gone when i went to pay! Was a big delay between licking on pay and the next screen to confirm to come up, happen to anyone else?
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