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  1. My friend is having problems with their merchant outbox hanging. They log onto their avatar, go to their inventory and try to add something to the outbox and it just hangs at the initilizing phase with no error...like it cannot connect to their marketplace store. I personally am not having any issues with my merchant outbox so i do not think this is a systemwide thing. We have tried many things to attempt to idendify and fix this problem, logging in and out of both SL and the marketplace, clearing the cache, tried in both firestorm and the original SL Viewer. Even tried having me log into their account from here in the US (they are in Europe) just in case it was a location thing. they even tried logging in on another avi they have and and the merchant outbox worked fine on that avi. It seems the issue may be with that particular account but we have found nothing that helped reslove the issue in the forums or knowledge base...and suggestions on a next step would be greatly appreciated.
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