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  1. Hey there


    I have just joined Second Life today. I have to admit, I am TOTALLY clueless about how to look good or the whole technological aspect of it. But just now I got into a conversation with somebody about Mesh breasts etc who said that is the way to go, and although I don't really understand what Mesh is, I would be interested to know from somebody how i would go about buying Mesh breasts / butt etc as I want to put my heart into this and look my best! So I would be interested to know which are the best to buy, and how i would go about this. I guess my concern is having my clothes fit, not that I have even bought any yet!

    If someone could give me some help with this or even a brief crash course about Mesh breasts etc I would be very grateful.


    I am posting this having used Second Life for a matter of hours so please be kind to me in your responses!

    My username on Second Life is RegularBlonde Resident if anyone wants to talk to me directly about it. Thanks!


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