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  1. So 31 December 2020 not only saw the end of a rather *****ty year, but also the end of Adobe Flash Player which as far as I'm aware, was the basis for any media played in SL to work. I'm sure the SL Gods of Creation have been aware about this, but now that it has happened (and I stupidly deleted the Flash Player I did have), what media player add-in is needed to play media content in the SL viewers?
  2. Haha! Also perhaps an opportunity to clean out said list...Oh I'm sorry...SL must have unfriended you automatically.....
  3. Same here...at first I thought it was me...then i suspected the Illuminati...turns out it wasn't just me after all... 🤨
  4. Thank you for the advice Rolig...problem solved. My link order was wrong Following this, I still had some trouble going through the door and tried every combination of prim/convex hull physics with no success. In the end I came up with the following solution and although a bit of a cheat, it's good enough for my first venture into the world of SL building... Unlink (1 LI becomes 2) Set the frame to phantom. Apply the script to the door mesh
  5. I have a pretty standard mesh (convex hull 1LI) door with handle, viewing panel and frame and I have a script that can pivot the door which I can add to the door and manipulate swing direction and handing. So what's the problem? The problem is that both door AND frame moves. I only want the door to move and the frame to remain in place and the only way I seem to be able to do this is by unlinking the door and frame, which then turns my 1LI mesh into a 21LI. Clearly I am doing something wrong, but none of the solutions out there can give me the answer I need - I can therefore on
  6. Thank you everyone for the responses. Glad to know I'm not completely going insane!
  7. Ok, here's the thing... After 12+ years in SL I'm building for the first time and after week of wrestling with Blender and watching numerous helpful videos by all the usual suspects, I have a mesh house built in Blender exported with a working physics model in SL. My problem is making the textures appear more realistic with shadows in the corners etc. I have read a lot about Ambient Occlusion and managed to bake a decent AO map for the mesh, BUT it seems that I can not apply the AO as a layer ontop of the material texture in SL. All the advice points towards combining the AO map
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