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  1. @Klytyna Thank you very much for your help! @Penny Patton I fully agree with you! A solution would perhaps be to just unlock animation priorities and allow setting the animation priority when played via script (perhaps allow overriding all the animation priorities in a link via a single script-line, too?). One can only hope.
  2. Good day, forums! I recently uploaded a few .bvh animations made in Qavimator for a weapon I was working on. I changed my FSMaxAnimationPriority setting to 5, and I uploaded all the animations with priority 5. However, it turns out that my AO (which is priority 4, grr... triple checked it) still overrides those animations, which leads me to believe that it just flat out uploaded as priority 4. Did I miss doing something?
  3. Hey! Searching someone to collaborate with. I am a LSL scripter with a couple years of experience and I want to sell some stuff on the SL Marketplace. I'll provide a fair cut for every item sold on the market. Not looking to make anything in particular, so there'll be loads of creative freedom. Just looking to make some L$. I am interested in making avatars, furniture, misc items, etc. Bonus points if you can animate, too. Just throw a post in here if interested, I will get back at you ASAP. Looking forward to working with you!
  4. Heya! If you are looking for an amazing beach-party, look no further! We are just here waiting for you! Enjoy the warm summer air and the amazing music! :) - Click here to join!
  5. Wow, really beautiful pictures on your gallery I edit pictures myself, so I do know how much work this is. The (at first expensive looking) price seems really appropriate for the amount of work you put in! Keep it up!
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