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  1. I'm A gyno doctor looking for work at a clinic or school in second life. IM singlematt if your clinic or school has an opening for a ob/gyn doctor.
  2. I am looking for a girl that younger than me on SL to become my long time friend and have sex with me everyday on SL. IM ME inworld (singlematt)
  3. Any Clilics that are hiring Gyno. doctors to give physical exams to women? IM singlematt
  4. I can't figure out what type of girl i want for an Second Life girlfriend, Any Help from anyone?
  5. Wants a job where I can run something or see women naked all tthe time. IM ME(singlematt) inworld if you have a job for me like this.
  6. Looking for girls on second life to become freinds with and like being naked and likes cuddling and kissing alot.
  7. Any schools that are looking for a Male P.E teacher or a School Doctor for physical exams. Let me know.
  8. I'm Looking for a Male Strip Club to hire me as a dancer so i can make new friends.
  9. If any of you knows of a job like that contact me in-world, Matt(singlematt)
  10. If you have a job where i get to see and touch a girls body all day.
  11. Anyone that knows of some shapes and skins for sunbathing with girls at the beach on second life?
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