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  1. Ill keep you all updated if its not in by friday then theres something going on. I understand about 4th of july.
  2. I requested a payment of 36 dollars(not alot i know) i requested this on the 27th of june its the 7th now and im still not seeing any payments being made. Has anyone else had these problems and if so what is the maximum i have to wait for this to come through.
  3. I sold my lindens on the 27th of june and it says 3 to 4 buisness days its going on to thursday the 4th and i still havent been deposited my money in to paypal. I understand that sometimes it could be later than expected but if so then how long could it go for?
  4. I do House music and UK Garage if your interested in hiring me IM erhan renfold And when i mean house i dont mean that garbage they call EDM no offence.
  5. Ive tried both the original and firestorm viewer and it says unable to connect to a simulator. Is there maintenence going on that Linden labs didnt tell us about? UPDATE! I changed my start location and it logged me in. There must be a problem with the sim i was in.
  6. I mainly play 80's 90's 2000's house and UK garage if your looking for someone who knows his house then IM me ingame i look forward to working with you if you have a passion for this music genre IM: erhan renfold.
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