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  1. I have this issue as well. And you can pretty much ignore the advice to clear cache. That doesn't do anything. I always get these neck lines when I wear any hair bases. It's rather annoying and has made me just forego using them altogether. I don't really use hairs too often now that would require hair bases to make them look better. http://screencast.com/t/9g6V6lxmZqj There's a screencast showing it on my neck as well. It's just one of those annoying, unresolved SL problems.
  2. The thing you are talking about concerning your face in certain lights can be fixed easily using certain graphics and windlights, windlights which are available in Firestorm viewer. I made a blog post about the issue of the face that you might find interesting and enlightening: Click Here
  3. I've investigated this because it's also happening to me and it's caused by a tattoo layered hair base you're wearing. Take the hair base off or try another one (which I'm gonna attempt) and the neck lines go away.
  4. I just wish the Akeyo Power AO had a Forze arms feature that lets you cross your arms like on the Vista Huds.
  5. I'm talking about for Firestorm users who have permitted regions to change their Windlight to settings the land owner has chosen. Places like Giggles Beach for example, which I have found have set up their windlight very well. Just looking for any others which have bypassed the default WL'ing and set up a good one of their own.
  6. There was a preferences setting on Firestorm I had previously found that made my eyes point more straight ahead during pose ball animations or general AO stands. Since I've updated and lost my settings it's gone back to having my eyes nearly disappear in the back of my head or to the sides again when I'm in certain animations. Does anybody know the setting that prevents my eyes from going psycho like this?
  7. What about indoors? It makes no sense for the sun to be shining upon you in a certain direction while indoors. That's not very realistic.
  8. It appears that in that picture you're facing away from the direction sunlight is coming from. I mean, it looks like your face is shrouded in shadow because you see a bit of sunlight on your shoulder. If that light that's on your shoulder was on your face we might see something differently than that smooth skin. Sometimes I use the regional light settings and turn my avatar facing the opposite direction of the sun so that the light doesn't highlight the cheek lines on my face. It's a shame to have to do that to avoid harsh light revealing the messed up nature of the default avatar model's face, but it is what it is. And windlights work great for yourself, but it doesn't change a ugly face for everybody else to see. And it doesn't matter how a person makes their face with the sliders or the skin they choose, if those lines are revealed, it becomes ugly. Until SL revamps the default model's face we're stuck with trying to spread the word about windlights that cover up this disgusting flaw.
  9. Right. I knew this when writing the original post. In fact, I delineated that fact in the original post. I agree, though. This post should have been titled "How Second Life Light Can Reveal the Havoc Intrinsic In Your Avatar's Face." lol.
  10. Bravo, wonderful post. I think my family think I'm nuts as I stood up and clapped in the middle of reading this. lol..
  11. It is discrimination. Looking young isn't going to hurt anybody in a particular sim. The fact of the matter is land owners reserve the right to be discriminatory. The sooner one accepts that fact the sooner one can move on from indignation for being discriminated against over menial differences (height, "Youthful" looking face, etc.) Furthermore, the avatar from the OP doesn't look like she's attempting to acquire any kawaii look from out of Japan. She just looks like a normal young adult. I can understand being kicked out of special-themed sims like a "mermaid" sim when you're not a mermaid, but the OP stated that she got kicked out of a simple sand-box for looking too young. This is the very essence of discrimination. Discrimination is making a distinction against a particular class or group of people. In this case the discrimination is over the groups of people who have a cute, adorable-looking avatar. I completely commiserate with her angst over this issue. Not everybody wants their avatar to have stilt legs and a broad-looking, she-male face. However, I do understand that land owners and club owners have a right to discriminate, but let's call it for what it is; blatant, foolish, and intrinsically nonsensical discrimination of a class of avatars for no other reason than their youthful and adorable essence. So along with those owners right to be discriminatory comes the right to rant and share our grievances concerning those who are ignorant enough to discriminate like this. So, I've learned to accept the fact that we'll continue being kicked out of sims by fearful and ignorant owners, and I count it as their sim's loss and move on to places with less retardedly strict and discriminatory owners where being cute is an acceptable form of expression. Sim owners ought to be less concerned with appearances and more concerned with the individual's personality and how they conduct themselves within the sim. There's a lot of places on SL and there's plenty that are cute, petite avatar friendly. And I know the simple solution is to only go to those places you know you'll be accepted, but when one is discriminated against one feels the need to express their rightful indignation for that discrimination. Plus, we have a right to air our grievances and if any particular person doesn't like it, they have the right not to read our grievances. Besides, when it really comes down to it it's people (Not Places) that I truly value. The friends I made who know my personality and like me for me, not judging me based on my avatar's appearance. I know I follow the TOS of LL and that's enough for me. I will not change because of any particular person's misguided fear or prejudice.
  12. Perrie Juran, I'm a young adult (below 24) and I actually prefer to be called cute, rather than "beautiful." Mostly because those deemed beautiful by many are, to me, not attractive in the least. They are typically women with wide, manly jaws. Cute, to me, is a better compliment.
  13. .Birdy. Has some nice body freckles tattoo layer that come with their skins. Not sure if it can be bought separately, though.
  14. Also, try [AnaLu] studio 5!! It's amazing. The best I've seen so far.
  15. I'm assuming you meant Analutetia - Avataropt and Analutetia - Avataropt2 Whiter. Avataropt2 Whiter is better becasue in Avataropt you have to not face the sunlight to avoid the smile lines. But that blue light looks really good. Thanks.
  16. All Second Life Avatars (short of mesh headed ones) have a flaw. In some lightings the flaw is revealed for the horrific sight it is, in others it's concealed. I'm talking about smile lines, the biggest affront to avatar beauty that you simply can't do anything about. There are two things that can make an avatar ugly. One of them is entirely user-controlled (how the user configures the face and body sliders in Edit Appearance.) The other is completely out of user-control (the fatal flaw found emanating down from the sides of your nose.) Let's show the problem before highlighting the solution. You would think that Ultra Graphics would show your avatar in the best lighting, the best graphics, the best...err everything, right? Wrong. Ambient Occlusion and Advanced Lighting RUIN your avatar's face, although they make the sky and the general landscape look wonderful. Not a trade-off I'm willing to make, honestly. (Here is my face on Ultra Graphics using CalWL settings) Pretty disgusting, right? I agree. This shouldn't happen. Those lines are part of the shape of my avatar and no matter how I change the sliders they won't go away. I could fool around with my face sliders all day and not get rid of them, unless I made my nose gigantic enough to cover the lines, which nobody in their right mind would do. Now if you're a Firestorm user, you may be aware that you can change your Sky Settings to some custom pre-installed Windlights (fancy name for sky settings). I normally use CalWL because it tends to not cast harsh shadows on my face. However, bad sky settings are not the only culprit against your face looking good. Local lights also have tendencies of showing the smile lines flaw. The next picture clearly shows this. (On Mid-Level Graphics with Local Lights ON. A little better, but still shows those disgusting lines.) Now, finally, the cure. To get your avatar looking the best it can possibly look I recommend Mid-level graphics and those evil, evil local lights turned off. I also recommend getting Firestorm, if you don't have it already, and changing your Sky Settings using the Environment Editor. After this last picture I will post some of my favorite Windlights on Firestorm that show your avatar in flawless lighting (given those pesky local lights are turned off.) (Perfection: Mid-Level Graphics with Local Lights OFF on CalWL Sky settings.) Here's the Windlights that put your best face forward: CalWL, Nam's Optimized Skin & Prim, Nam's Optimized Skin 2, Ambient Grey, Nam's Beach Scene. Here's some places with native region settings that put your best face forward: Giggles Beach, Essences & {S0NG} Mainstore, Noodles Mainstore, Insilico, and Magic of Trance Club. Never settle for less than perfect lighting for your avatar. Let others know about this, too. Until SL deals with the issue of these lines as a part of our shapes, we can do nothing but hide the flaw. (How we were all meant to look) V
  17. Also, no matter WHAT your sky settings are "Local Lights" can wreak havoc on your face in the form of disgusting and flagrant smile lines on your avatar's face. Even on CalWL sky settings. For example, this first picture is a picture of me on Mid-level graphics with Local Lights turned OFF. The second is on Mid-level graphics with Local Lights turned ON. See the difference? Oh, and if you're using higher than Mid-level graphics you are simply out of luck when it comes to your avatar's face looking decent. The final picture is me on CalWL sky settings on Ultra graphics. You'll see how Advancdd Lighting Model and Ambient Occln show the ruination of your avatar's face. (This is how your face should look. This is Mid-Graphics with Local Lights turned to off.) (This is with Local Lights turned on, Mid-graphics. Disgusting.) (And this is is Ultra Graphics, the ultimate in UGLY. It's a shame that the better your lighting the worse your face looks.)
  18. This answer helped me a lot. Took me a while to realize it's actually the Whisper Eyebrows I've been wearing that causes the shrunken down default hair to appear inside of my avatar's head. I figured out how to make that disappear though by Editing the Eyebrow texture and making it transparent. The eyebrows remain on the outside of my face, but that default hair inside my head became invisible. lol
  19. I have the same issue. Default avatar hair stuck inside my head...
  20. True. I use the settings from Essences or sometime Nam's Optimized Skin 2 preset which is on Firestorm, but I need some names of regions where I can go and everyone can see me in decent windlighting. I know how horrid my avatar looks without good lighting and don't want to wear those stupid face lamps.
  21. Thank you so much. It's very cute. Snagged it.
  22. For example, Essences and {S0NG} Mainstores has customized their windlight settings pretty well, to give the avatar the most flattering look possible. Are there any other places like that?
  23. Hello, I may be interested. Was wondering if there was any way I could check out the place sometime if you're still looking for a roommate.
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