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  1. First of all let me thank you all for taking the time to answer. I can say the following things to your comments: 1. The system might still be using the integrated video solution. I can definitely say this is not the case. I did what I could to turn off the intgrated graphics card in the APU from the motherboard BIOS to be really sure it is not interfering. But, also, I connected my monitor to the socket of the new video card, not to the socket of the mainboard. So what I am seeing on my screen does come from the RX 570. 2. Old drivers may mess up things To be really really sure that this is not the case, I did a fresh reinstall of my whole windows, reverting from windows 10 to windows 7 in the process, which is known to be good for games and mature enough to have gotten rid of the glitches a fairly young system might have. So no, there is no issue with old drivers. 3. The driver version of the RX 570 might just mess up stuff. While i can't say anything about the internals of the video driver, this seems to be the most likely approach of the three. I found out that the RX 570 is only being supported from driver version 17.4.3 on, which i tried, along with all of the following versions up to 17.7.1 which is the current, and none of them work. Bottom line: This card, at least in its current state, can't run SL. I'm going to sell it and get a NVidia 1050 Ti instead. If anybody has still some working or helpful suggestion i would be thankful. The card is not sold yet, and I do it with a heavy heart. I have been messing with this issue for a week now, and nothing I did would help. It's really frustrating, but when I ordered that video card it really was the best bang for the buck, and I'm sad that it does not suit its purpose.
  2. Hello people, I've been messing with this issue for almost a week now, and I'm kind of desperate because i just can't get it to work. I have been using a nVidia GTX 660 Ti card for a while, but it broke a few months back. Performance was alright, I was a happy camper, things rezzed in decent speed and the frame rate was ok (somewhere near 25 in most situations). When it broke, due to lack of money, I was reverting to the Radeon HD 7560D which is built into my A8 APU. This thing performed bad. OK, that was expected, my fps was around 15 to 20 most of the time, sometimes lower, but things rezzed and textured very slowly. I found that acceptable, since it needs to share horsepower with the CPU. Now I got my brand new MSI RX 570 video card, but, unexplainable to me, it performs WORSE! My fps on Firestorm is commonly around 5, sims now take several minutes to rez and texture, and when there are people around me, the fps stays at 5 (funnily, if i zoom into some G&S animals, it skyrockets to 60). Other games like Skyrim or Space Engineers are performing outstanding, the latter at about 100 fps, so I dare to say the video card is generally working. Just it does not like to collaborate with Second Life (which is about the only reason why I actually bought it). Does anybody have experience with this card or can help me to diagnose the issue please? My System: PSU: Enermax Infiniti 720W (30 and 25 A on 5 and 3.3 V lines) APU: A8-5600K RAM: 8GB (DDR3?) Video: MSI Radeon RX 570 ARMOR 4G OC Internet Line: 20Mbit upstream, 1Mbit downstream (i did a speed test, it delivers that speed) I'm thankful for any hints, thank you very much. Cheers, AJ
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