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  1. long story short . i found my stuff. logged in with a username rather than an email . i guess you can register 2 names or something under 1 mail and it got me the wrong one . either way its done with
  2. i ment the manual way of clearing the cache . i went straight to the folder and manually deleted it all .. but i did the settings route too . and it did fetch my inventory . but my items dident come with it . and my character looks like i just registered
  3. i remember using whatever version was the newest of firestorm at the time . and i never canceled anything . i simply just dident login anymore .i found a guide that showed me how to delete a bunch of files but i logged in to the same inventory wich i assume is the new standard one with gamer girl gamer boy ect the clear cache option does make it dedownload it all .. but my stuff is not there . it all looks like a pretty standard 2000 item loadout that everyone would start with
  4. actually it more and more seems like the enitre account has been wiped all together . i see none of my friends or bookmarks ect collected . its just all gone . i used to have loads of friends and tons of outfits and huge bull/werewolf avatars and dragons i spend some serious lindens on to gett .
  5. So ive been away from second life for prob close to a year if not more . and i just wanted to check it out again but ive looked al over but im unable to find any of the items i purchased when i did use it . does accounts gett wiped after a while ?
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