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  1. so, i tried to pay for membership with my bank card (had more than enough money in the bank to cove the charge) it took ages for it to go through, then said failed, please try again later.....i checked my bank account out, and the money had been taken out....but i was not credited as a member.

    i contacted support and they said they have no record of it. i have since paid again to uprade, and had no problems with it this time. but i still have not had my first failed payment back, any one else ever had this issue?  as i feel like i have been robbed by Linden Labs.

  2. ok, i use W A S D for my movement, but about a week or so ago, the W and the A no longer respond for my movement.... but it is fine on another PC i use. and the W and A do work for typing, so i know its not an issue with my keyboard.

    can anyone help me with this?

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