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  1. hello. Can anyone help me regrading my inventory .as i can see my stuff in my inventory but cant open those folder. its like all stuff is gone ... there are empty folder ... i had such problem before but i thought may some kinda network problem or script may be old but now most of the thing are gone there is nothing left ..i was wearing pant that also vanished i just see the empty folder please help me with this problem .. im afraid i might lose everything from my inventory
  2. Here i have window 7 home basic so as per Notes ,temp folder does not contain second life folder in it just have Second life 9 setups. i think these setups are updates. but there is separate folder in local second life folder which contain object cache,texture cache and some avatar related files so what should i delete now ?
  3. hey thank for your help .. but i want to know that uninstall will delete every thing ,as my avatar process ,contact and other things will be deleted or can be saved ??
  4. hello, im having proplem with Second life viewer as it not working now .today i got messege about auto update and i update my Second life as do every time, but this time SL viewer is not starting it just load up to VFS initialization and then nothing. It just close nothing happen it even start :matte-motes-not-entertained: i need help about this issue..
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