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  1. Don't give up! It will happen. Imma tell you a funny story. So I played catch and release for too long with the first release. Not even knowing/remembering about the mailbox to change the house. Idiotic in retrospect, but whatever. So I had been trying, trying, trying. Like literally walking around like the Seinfeld episode muttering, "No soup for you" Those of you that have seen Seinfield will get it. Then I see we were restricted to the number of times we could TRY for soup. LOL I was ticked. Im like what in the control freak is going on here. So at 5:05pm CST, a time I KNOW I have not a doo doos chance of getting a house with allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the restrictions/limited homes and stuff. I logged in saw a house, was thinking Im not even sure why Im clicking this because I know its going to be gone. And guess what??? I got a frigging houseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! So all that said is, do not give up hope. It is totally possible. Two days later my daughter for a beautiful plot/spot that was abandoned on Ketran. Keep trying. It's worth it.
  2. You are a Rockstar! There is no way I'd figure that out/ type that out. I think all this slouching around waiting on water property has made my fingers ultra lazy.....till they are incentivized by a Belli popup. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  3. Much better…..ty all!!! And I'm in love with these DDD bushes Marianne They are lovely and 1 prim too? Couldn't ask for more! Taliaa
  4. That's a good idea too! I love Belli folks. So kinda and always willing to share. This is a community kindness movement. Thanks y'all!
  5. I know. I've been playing catch and release. I really want a place on the edge of some water. Just like a lot of us. This one though if I derender the home in front of me, I can kinda see a stream Sorry neighbor. And the more the Moles work on Bellisseria, the more beautiful their work becomes. I feel like a kid on Christmas! Like you just don't know what you will get!
  6. hey, that's true I didn't think about just trying it just across so it makes more sense to me visually. I'm going to try that! Thanks. I haven't decorated yet because that was really bothering my eyeballs LOL So theres that. If I put it down and like it, I'll just have whatever's left prim wise to decorate. Will be worth it if I can stop looking at the front thinking, "what's the matter with this picture?" *laughing*
  7. I tried to find one not so primmy to match it. Just those two pieces are 6 prims.
  8. I'm SOOOOOOOOO in love. Right along with thousands of others ❤️
  9. Hi All! 👋, I need suggestions please. I am trying to figure out how to incorporate these two pieces of fences into the landscaping. They are of out of the permiter of course so I can not simply add too. Any ideas of how to make it work and not look odd at the same time? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! Taliaa
  10. Thank you all for what you are doing. I promise you I am more and more impressed as the time goes you. You all are making us some beautiful homes and houseboats to enjoy! I so love seeing all the sims and watching Bellisseria grow and blossom. Literally! All of you involved totally ROCK!
  11. Was you old house in Raccoon Run and your new houseboat in Shirogane ?
  12. I do! I want something pretty and low impact. Call me greedy but really. With only 351 prims, I do not wish to spend the bulk on addons. I need room to decorate too. There should be some middle ground and thought given to the customers as well. If it's pretty but cost me 150LI. i don't care how nice it looks. it's too much to use from the allowance given. IMHO
  13. I just got a houseboat from Cape Lively and returned it to the pool. I want a house, But took it to see what it looked like for location and etc. Good luck to all that want a houseboat.
  14. I would like a traditional lot on the edge of some water. Something I currently do not have access to in RL. Just that thought makes me smile and feel ever so relaxed. One day, its gonna happen.
  15. Man oh man.....imma try not to pull my hair out. Crap!
  16. OMG im uber sad about that. that's what I wanted, just like thousands of others. *poof* and gone. Dang nabbit!
  17. Thank you. I've seen folks discussing this but wasn't sure how to tell the difference. Now I know.
  18. I'm curious. How do you know what size your boat slip is?
  19. Pretending I live here on Santa Louisa..... lol So stinking beautiful! I'm scouting. The moles are doing a wonderful job! Kudos to them I have neither the patience nor the talent. I know how frustrating it is to wait. Trust me I do. Think of how AMAZING your new home will be!!!
  20. Me trying to feed the Bellisseria kitty....
  21. I tried having the name in first and it did not work. I had to wait and type in 5 random letters fast as lightening and then claim it, and it worked. Don't give up hope I got one by auto refreshing. It might take a few days but you can do it too!
  22. Take your time. Part of the fun for me is picking and changing things along the way so I get it just like I want it.
  23. Thank you! That explains a lot. I always wondered about why some things were easily viewed and others you basically had to be on top of.
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