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  1. OMG im uber sad about that. that's what I wanted, just like thousands of others. *poof* and gone. Dang nabbit!
  2. Thank you. I've seen folks discussing this but wasn't sure how to tell the difference. Now I know.
  3. I'm curious. How do you know what size your boat slip is?
  4. Pretending I live here on Santa Louisa..... lol So stinking beautiful! I'm scouting. The moles are doing a wonderful job! Kudos to them I have neither the patience nor the talent. I know how frustrating it is to wait. Trust me I do. Think of how AMAZING your new home will be!!!
  5. Me trying to feed the Bellisseria kitty....
  6. I tried having the name in first and it did not work. I had to wait and type in 5 random letters fast as lightening and then claim it, and it worked. Don't give up hope I got one by auto refreshing. It might take a few days but you can do it too!
  7. Take your time. Part of the fun for me is picking and changing things along the way so I get it just like I want it.
  8. Thank you! That explains a lot. I always wondered about why some things were easily viewed and others you basically had to be on top of.
  9. Thank you for all the replies. I was having a conversation with some friends that sparked this initial question. I too tend to lean towards the 50 ish mark. My friend though was gifted an add on that was like 1/2 of the allotted prims and was struggling to fill the space with furniture with the allotted prims left. I thought that was a lot but wanted to see what others were thinking as well. We had a varied amount between us (the group I was talking to) I have add ons on my house that increase its usability in my opinion and are cute, I've seen some others that I liked but they were so prim heavy they didn't seem to be not worth the addition.. I saw in some o fthe replies LOD and to be concerned about that? What is that? And how would you know what the LOD is prior to buying it? Thanks!
  10. I have a question. For those of you that use additions/modifications you purchase from a creator, how many prims are you willing to utilize (out of the 351 allotted) for structural changes to your new home? What would you consider reasonable? I am curious. Thanks!
  11. Hey Neighbor, So cute! I too love the walls. Oddly with the walls it feels more spacious. You did awesome! I just moved to Menagerie.
  12. Did you see this post from Quatz Mole? Quartz Mole said, If resetting the mailbox/life preserver as explained by Alyona Su and Shamu077 doesn't fix things and bring back the menu, please drop me a slurl either by IM or a private message here and I'll take a look. But please try the script reset first.
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