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  1. Do not worry . Everyone should do the right thing . Who does something like that is as to lose a great opportunity in SL , are often impulsive , but it is not right, nor has merit , if no art and energy involved , if not fun is better not to do, , someone smart takes the free stuff and use it as reference to model your own improved version with your own textures , applying his energy , his love , then that stuff if it has merit then it likes and is well received by the community. upload free stuff that does not generate income nothing , these people , make them this question is it worth losing a great oportuniti with SL in exchange for something that generates nothing income? learn blender and gimp is easy, free, and funny. :catwink:
  2. first time i see it :matte-motes-shocked: it may be vertices weight problem? check in weight paint mode if everything is in order
  3. It's even better when they seek workers for difficult jobs characters very detailed for nothing, 0L :matte-motes-stress:,,, well, maybe not a bad idea to open a section called: Free collaborations (aimed at people who start learning 3d programs and seek only learn and gain experience)
  4. Hi Blade, Baking materials with no same UV in same object (a mesh object composed of several groups of polygons, each of these groups has a different material and a different UV.) 1. TAB (Edit Mode) 2. select a group of polygons to assign a new material. 3. remember you can add a maximum of 8 different materials on the same object 4. Once finished putting all the different materials to mesh, then make selection by item and detach with P 5. TAB (object mode) ,,,then for each diferent object: a) TAB (Edit Mode) b) A select ALL c) U (automatic unwrap) d) open UV windows and add a image clicking in (+) e) BAKE f) F3 in uv window to save the bake finally Control + J (join) ataching all parts and export it in collada to SL Regards.
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