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  1. You left the house in great condition, all cleaned and swept and fresh-smelling ❤️ I simply couldn't be happier with this jewel on the canal.
  2. Here you go: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/what-next-Maison-Drapes-mesh/6234744 What Next Maison Drapes, come in 2 sizes. Very handy! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Soy-Solid-Wood-Center-Table-addme/7929136 Soy table, extremely versatile.
  3. I want to thank the Moles especially for affording the following views and photo-ops. I love being in Bellisseria because of you folks; thank you for what you do to make the world beautiful with all your excellent little details. I see what you do there.........! I'm looking at Puffin Head in these shots. Not new, but new to me and very exciting!
  4. I was really lucky this week and found a beautiful, beautiful abandon that seemed to wait patiently for me to fumble around and click all the things. I think the morning crew must have been distracted by other stuff, or else this one was simply "meant to be." I found my forever home in Bellisseria! I just want to stare outside at the canal or the beach cantina. (I get both! Thank you, Moles who worked on Donovan!)
  5. There are tufts of brown grass that are LB by the rails. The green grass is We're Closed. Also three prims strategically spaced of Shade long grass because it comes with bird sounds and crickets 😁
  6. I just love looking at the actual house. The inside is great but it would be great no matter where we were; the actual house is such a quaint perfect picture and it makes me happy. It's nice to be able to increase the draw distance in a neighbourhood and look at the house in the context of other nearby houses, each one picture-perfect in its own right. We opted for the Continental with the wrap-around add-on by Blush Bravin. Some Little Branch trees and a big-sky view from the porch. We landed in Everett and it's picture-perfect in that region! Mainlander successfully converted ❤️
  7. This Nice job Rae. I had a similar experience and at the moment my partner and I couldn't be happier with our decisions to move and our ultimate score. It happens! What you don't realize you really need from a home just lands in your lap and then you realize "this is actually what I needed all along." And then the overflowing "Thank you, Lindens! Thank you! Merci mille fois!"
  8. Well it ain't workin'. I'm just clicking like a normal person at this point. There are other things to do in a day, and that helps.
  9. Linden Lab has done an excellent job limiting refreshes. And an excellent job doubling and tripling their efforts to get quality content out. We're all in this together and doing our best. Everybody gets to have a nice house. It's coming.
  10. I think SL still thinks I'm a Mainlander lol I keep pushing the limits (yes I relog... yes it's only refresh limit... yes I have a few browsers... yes I'm clearing cache anyway...) I'm seeing nothing. But there are so many people ahead of me in line so it's no biggy. One will come when it comes. (click click click click click click CLICK CLICK GRRRRRRRRR)
  11. Yup! Not everything of course, but I make it my business to learn whatever I can wherever I can. Keep the old sponge-noggin saturated with learnings. I'm comfortable with two viewers but adept with four, learning two more right now. (From a user's perspective, not an engineer's perspective) The quickest way I learn what a viewer can do is to examine the debug settings menu offering; then I play with those until I either break something or improve something about my SL experience. But, also, learning what the default library equips us with was a giant leap forward, back in the day, in terms of items to use or rip apart and scripts to use or modify. I am a curious exploratory clicky-find-out type.
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