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  1. Point of order -- it's Yin, not Ying. Yin and Yang. And that kind of thing is important, at least for me, in setting a mood. It's easy to woo and gratify my eyes with correctness. The mood shatters like glass otherwise and nothing else matters after that.
  2. And sometimes it's just nature, as opposed to nurture. Some folk are just born that way. No way to predict.
  3. "Why do people get so irrationally angry over other people on their land." There's a lot to unpack in that question and I'm wondering if it's really the question you're asking. Lots of people get rationally angry about it (i.e. it's far too commonplace for their liking; they're fed up; they do something about it.) Lots of people don't mind at all. Lots of people channel their feelings of anger into more productive outcomes than helpless fury. And, alas, lots of people take the opportunity to hurl bombs of abuse (not to be confused with anger -- never ever to be confused with anger. Abuse and anger are not the same things.) A person can be angry without being abusive. Angry about repeated trespassing or about being ignored or whatever else. But being abusive is just ugly. So, a better question might well be, "How do some people think that being deliberately, willfully ugly will help their situation?" And I haven't the faintest idea.
  4. 45 seconds sounds about right for the time a cluster of avatars will wait for a scheduled land-tract in a game called Tiny Empires. It would be a daily occurrence if that's true. Formerly-abandoned land is useful for TE players to quickly en-masse log in, wait for their prize, and log out again. If that's what's happening then there's nothing dark-web nefarious going on just a bit of a nuisance if it's now your land, but disabling their scripts will make them seek different pastures. Again, *if* that's what they're doing.
  5. Can confirm. Also, 351 divided by 2. The old Linden homes offer half the land impact allowance of the new homes. And yeah that WAS a great little boost from 117 to 175! Good times. And yeah great job RaeLeeh! Comprehensive omg.
  6. Since everything has a beginning and an end, pretty much, "the reasons why RP regions fail" is probably more acurately lamented as the reasons a region ends prematurely or the reasons the region didn't have to die the way it did. But all of them will end eventually. And new ones will begin. My great complaint back in the day when I roleplayed in SL was that people would force a certain style of play upon those who enjoyed a different style. Combattants forcing the pew-pew upon texters; paras forcing the 10 minute waits for posts upon pew-pewers; the mood never getting its anticipated climactic catharsis because of "Invalid!" cries 20m away and a moderator changing hats to intervene. It's been 5 years since those days for me and my understanding is things have changed and stayed the same in the meantime.
  7. While you wait for an answer, incidentally I have a question for you. Of what value is a prim-or-mesh advert in a land where de-rendering is an option to Residents? Hasn't group-based blog-based banner-based advertising replaced the need for signs along the road? My friends spend a lot of money on digital advertising and zero money on signage, so that's why I am interested.
  8. Wow 💐 The subject is as haunting as the execution of it.
  9. That was most intriguing! I have some new words to study. Enhancements as all work of the same mind -- I share your opinion.
  10. Welcome home, Mainlander! One nice thing about SL is you can make choices and changes like these every once in a while.
  11. That's a good warning. I mean the warning itself is nicely done; it satisfies the curiosity of what's really in those things as well as serves the cautionary reminder that scams are out there.
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