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  1. Well it ain't workin'. I'm just clicking like a normal person at this point. There are other things to do in a day, and that helps.
  2. Linden Lab has done an excellent job limiting refreshes. And an excellent job doubling and tripling their efforts to get quality content out. We're all in this together and doing our best. Everybody gets to have a nice house. It's coming.
  3. I think SL still thinks I'm a Mainlander lol I keep pushing the limits (yes I relog... yes it's only refresh limit... yes I have a few browsers... yes I'm clearing cache anyway...) I'm seeing nothing. But there are so many people ahead of me in line so it's no biggy. One will come when it comes. (click click click click click click CLICK CLICK GRRRRRRRRR)
  4. Yup! Not everything of course, but I make it my business to learn whatever I can wherever I can. Keep the old sponge-noggin saturated with learnings. I'm comfortable with two viewers but adept with four, learning two more right now. (From a user's perspective, not an engineer's perspective) The quickest way I learn what a viewer can do is to examine the debug settings menu offering; then I play with those until I either break something or improve something about my SL experience. But, also, learning what the default library equips us with was a giant leap forward, back in the day, in terms of items to use or rip apart and scripts to use or modify. I am a curious exploratory clicky-find-out type.
  5. That's exactly right and so unfortunate. De-rendering is a perfect solution for general eyesores and things to remove from an otherwise perfect photo-shoot; but just knowing something is there is a problem with a bona fide trigger. It's good to simply go somewhere else and keep moving on until powerful things lose their power.
  6. Yes, learning takes a long time, much time, great patience What are your interests? There must be groups you can join.
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