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  1. Hi, I have changed my premium membership from one avatar to another. But I forgot that on the avatar which I removed from premium, I had an experience, that's spread in all kind of scripts in my sim. Is it possible to move it to the avatar which is premium now? Will my experience disapear? I'm afraid many things will just stop working
  2. Greetings, I am looking for someone that will do ballet animations, usually the basic ones that seem not to be found in Second Life. However, there will also be more complex needs in the future. Please contact me in world, Stiina Diana N. Pi'ne (christina.aedipo)
  3. I am looking for a domestic maid, with the underlying D/s that comes from the power dynamics of the relationship. I am into CP (corporal punishment) but that's not mandatory. If you also agree to it, I need to point out it will not be a thing I plan to do with my maid very often (won't have you spanked daily). I don't want someone interested in sexual RP. I repeat, the main thing it will be you as a maid in our places. I have chores I can set up and I own two beautiful houses (one above a public place I am owner of, made of three sims). It won't be something full time, but I expect to see each
  4. Our SIM (Victoria Academy) needs a maid. Sim description: Victoria Academy is an co-ed educational establishment for role play where corporal punishment is used to encourage learning. All players must be over 18 rl and sl. We are also a no sex SIM. The Maid: We already have a maid, but she can't come at the times where the SIM is at peak time (after 12.00 PM SLT). We have students dorms, with rooms and a brooming & dusting system installed everywhere (you actually have to clean). The maid must be a switch and punish students that cross a line (keep their rooms very dirty or are rude with
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