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  1. Yeah, ooops. I just corrected my post. 20m isn't enough to make a difference most of the time, but we really don't want any fistfights over the details. 400m is 400m, not 420.
  2. The LH Security System cannot be set to detect beyond 400m above or below wherever you have it set up, and you cannot set it up anywhere between 100m and 2000m above sea level. It won't turn on if you do. That means that if everyone were using the LH Security System or an orb that conforms to its design, there should be a free fly zone between 500m and 1600m above sea level. You might run into someone's system above or below there . Even if you do, the system should give you at least 15 seconds of warning before ejecting you (not sending you home). If you find a security system that is not conforming to those standards, we recommend sending its owner a polite reminder. Point to the Bellisseria covenant that is in World -- About Land -- Covenant for the details.
  3. As @Abnor Mole and I have said when this question came up a while ago, some people may still be unaware that their security orbs need to meet the same standards as the Linden Home Security System distributed through your Content Pack. You may not have an orb that detects people outside your own parcel. It may only Eject, not send people home. It may not have a range greater than 400m. It may not be placed between 100m and 2000m above sea level. And it may not have a warning time shorter than 15 seconds. The neighborhood doesn't really need vigilante squads trying to root out non-conforming orbs. If you run across a system that does not meet those criteria, I suggest sending the owner a polite reminder. If that doesn't work, then consider submitting an Abuse Report.
  4. There are the laws of Linden and there are the laws of Nature. The gods of Linden let moles bend some of their laws if we promise to be very, very careful, but even they cannot bend the laws of Nature.
  5. @BobbieEarhart I am pleased to hear that you have found a solution to the problem with your Control Panel. We do our best to make anything we create work perfectly every time, but it's hard to know when some unpredictable problem.will pop up under just the right circumstances. If you ever have a problem like this again, consider another possible way out. Use your House Controller (mailbox or life buoy) to rez a new copy of exactly the same model home. It sounds like a drastic solution because it certainly would be in Real Life. It's not, really. The new home will rez in precisely the same spot as the old one. Your decor choices and access whitelist -- saved in the servers -- should be restored. Because you cannot reset scripts in a Linden Home, replacing the whole thing might be your easiest solution.
  6. There are four points in the instructions: 6. Drop the notecard into the Security System by: a. Clicking anywhere except one of the control buttons or bars, You will see a message that says "You may now Drag and Drop a new configuration card into the security system if you wish." b. Selecting the notecard in your own inventory. c. Holding down the CTRL key on your computer's keyboard. d. Using your mouse to drag and then drop the notecard onto the Security System. IMPORTANT: Do not release the CTRL key until after you have dropped the notecard. That process is necessary because we had to distribute the system no mod but still let you change the notecard. The very first step is the one that people may ignore, because it's unusual. Clicking anywhere on the object (except one of its buttons) activates a temporary switch that allows you to do the other three steps. So, why didn't we just leave that switch active all the time? Because once it's activated, anyone might come along and drop a new card into your system.This way, we can be sure that you activated it and that the card is being changed while you are standing right there. We didn't want anyone else messing with your Security System.
  7. Thank you ....... puff ... puff ... puff ... We're .... working ... as .. fast .... as ... we ........ can ... puff ... puff ... puff ๐Ÿ˜œ
  8. Hmmm.. Thanks. I'll take a look at that and let someone know.
  9. That's correct. The covenant in the NEW Linden Homes allows you to make a skybox above 2000m, but the covenant in the OLD Linden Homes does not allow skyboxes at all.
  10. Moles get cold little feet too. โ„๏ธ๐Ÿงฆ
  11. Yes, indeed. So many things to do, and all at the same time. Everything you might want to know about the New Linden Homes is on the brand new wiki at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:New_Linden_Homes_2019 and in the covenant, which you can read in About Land. The Knowledge Base article will be updated very soon. As long as we still have the Old Linden Homes, though, it's bound to be a little confusing. As you can see, we are still rolling out some features and making some adjustments that had to wait until after the new regions were open to the public. Refer to the wiki when you have questions about the New Linden Homes, and be prepared for updates there as Belliseria evolves.
  12. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:New_Linden_Homes_2019 ๐Ÿงก
  13. We Moles have short little sleeves. ๐Ÿญ
  14. I've heard of a cat on a hot tin roof, but a Siamese on the roof of Magellan's Lair is a new one. Watch your footing up there. ๐Ÿˆ
  15. No. Linden Lab does not sell any items that it creates. But the T-shirt itself is free.
  16. You're almost there. Look at the syntax for llSetTexture. You'll see that tyhe parameter that you now have set to ALL_SIDES is used to designate which face you want to apply your texture to. So, if you want the texture on face 1, change ALL_SIDES to 1, and so on. Easy peasy. Beyond that, the only thing you'll probably want to do is add a bit of dialog so you can specify the face by clicking a button instead of having to dismember the script every time. You could use the llTextBox system that you already have, but since you have a predictable set of well-known face numbers to work with, llDialog is a better choice. Study the syntax of that function and the examples in the LSL wiki to write your own dialog menu. Then you're done. :smileywink:
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