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  1. I am reminded, in passing, of aanother well-established classical theory that was introduced with similarly appropriate diffidence. Your own theory is spot on. An SSPX region is a sandbox, a place where we can mess around with things until we get scripts running right or where we can test cornball ideas that might make it into Linden Homes at some point in the future. It's fair to say that most things on an SSPX region aren't ready to share with the rest of SL yet. At the same time, that's where some of the ... ahem ... truly inspired Mole thinking takes place. πŸ™„
  2. Yeah, what Beth said ^^. Moles love to hide stuff, but these aren't super hard to find. Keep the fun alive. ( These really are cool gifts, and half the fun is seeing neat places while you hunt. 😎 )
  3. Quite right. All rumors to that effect are scurrilous and quite possibly incorrect. Besides, we have never heard them.
  4. As scripty-type Moles, Quartz and I usually hear about these things well after everyone else. And, of course, we are sworn to secrecy once someone does bother to tell us. Ain't no way you'll hear a thing from the two of us.
  5. Hmmm... I haven't seen that memo. Still, I couldn't tell you because I don't really know. You'd have to ask someone in the Lab's payroll office --- and they won't tell you. πŸ˜‰
  6. There's a power hookup right next to every camping parcel What we didn't provide was an extension cord. πŸ™ƒ
  7. I'm not either, if you are counting noses. In fact, we moles spend so much time underground that we are always in the dark. You can't depend on us to know anything. Wait ... that didn't come out right ..... 🀐
  8. It is tempting to stand on the other side of that border and make silly faces to tease you, but that would be mean and un-molelike. Maybe I'll see if I can get @Quartz Mole to freshen your drink.🐭
  9. That's OK. Do what we moles do .... hold on tight to the vision and enjoy the ride. 😎
  10. Gosh, I didn't realize there was a booming rock market. Rocks are in a different department in LDPW, so all I can do is send an interoffice paper airplane to the texture guys. Who knows?
  11. Or the Casper orb took its most recent snapshot of who's in range before the Linden Lab took its snapshot. If so, it may have detected a bot that arrived just before the Linden Lab orb looked.
  12. I thought those were resident-run and owned, am I misunderstanding that? Either way, that's what I was thinking in terms of automation, yes - that exact type and method. Nope. I scripted those a few years ago.
  13. Sorry I couldn't stay to enjoy the show. I'm at RL work this afternoon and there's no way this laptop can handle a big particle display. It looks like everyone had a great time, though. I'm glad there was such a huge crowd. I'll see you in world!
  14. It means that @Quartz Mole (or some mole masquerading as Quartz -- @Abnor Mole ?) has a sense of humor. All work and no play makes Quartz a dull mole.
  15. When people say that Moles are hot, they aren't kidding. Just keep to a safe distance.
  16. So, I am free to go, then? /me looks around for her lunch pail and time card .......... πŸ˜ƒ
  17. Thanks, @CoffeeDujour. I went and looked just now. It looks like the region's server had a bad day. As soon as Lindens are awake in the morning, someone will do a rollback to recover all the missing stuff. Meanwhile, tell anyone you see not to rez anything new tonight, because it will all revert when they do a rollback. Thank you for your patience.
  18. Cool. Glad you found it, Sylvia.
  19. Hmmm.. That's not one of my diagnostic messages. I doubt that it's coming from the control panel. One way to be sure is to simple rez a new copy of the same house. It will replace the current one exactly, complete with your color choices. You may need to re-enter your access list, but that's all. Anyway, if you do that, the control panel will be new too. If you still get the message, then you know it's not from the control panel.
  20. I can confirm that we are not authorized to know anything about super secret weapons systems that might or might not exist. All rumors on this matter are unsubstantiated and probably baseless. Personally, I might suspect either mass hysteria or swamp gas, but speculation is not permitted in my pay grade. Therefore, I will not comment. 🀐
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