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  1. /me smiles at Lindal. Sorry for any confusion. 😉
  2. No, in fact, Live Chat can't fix the controller in the new Linden Homes. The particular problem you are experiencing is a bit of a fluke. Linden Lab released an immense number of new regions on Monday, and they were flooded with new residents who immediately started rezzing houses like mad. That slows down a region's servers quite a bit, so many scripts were experiencing some lag. That's why Patch Linden posted a plea in the Land forums, asking residents to slow down and be patient. As an added factor, the new Victorian homes have more complicated stuff going on under the hood -- stuff that takes a little while to initialize when you rez a new home. There a chat warning that pops up as soon as you click your mailbox, telling you to wait for at least 30 seconds before touching your house. That's why. If you start messing with doors and windows and the control panel before the house has initialized, it may lock up. If so, just rez a new house and be more patient next time.
  3. Not two or more rooms at a time, no, but that's not really a handicap. Once you have hit the "Submit" button in the color picker HUD (or created a color by entering <RGB> values) , you have saved the color in your "My Colors" menu. After that, you can apply that color to the walls in any other room without having to recreate it. Just use Redecorate >> Walls >> My Colors and select one of your saved custom colors, just as you would use any of the preset colors. You may create up to nine custom colors and, of course, can delete one that you have already applied if you want to free up space in the menu for something different.
  4. When you create a custom color, you should see a message in chat that tells you what the RGB tints are for that color. Those are the same numbers that you woul see if you had used the color picker in your viewer's editor to create a color. You are also given the RGB tints in the format that you would use if you were coloring an image in Photoshop or GIMP. We suggest that you copy those numbers down somewhere so that you can use them later if you want to match drapes or a prim wall.
  5. @Raspberry Crystal I found your zip. It's right where you left it, in Campwich Forest.
  6. The information in the Linden Homes wiki site ( http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:New_Linden_Homes_2019 ) is always updated every time that we introduce a new theme, and you should check the House Controller on your parcel periodically for any updated add-ons and special features. The controls for your Linden Home all work the same way for any SL viewer, so it doesn't make any difference whether you are using the current Linden Lab viewer, a project viewer, or one of the third-party viewers like Firestorm. EDIT: I should have also mentioned that an abbreviated version of the information from the Linden Homes wiki site is also in the Knowledge Base at
  7. OK, I probably should have been more specific the other day when I said that Frost Mole never sleeps. Quartz Mole doesn't either. I don't. No mole sleeps. Who do you think keeps the lights on around here? 😄
  8. Yes, as LittleMe says, that information refers to changing the model of home on your parcel ( swapping a Winchester for an Adderley, for example, or a Wallower houseboat for an Evening Star ) or -- in the rare case when we issue a brand new model or an upgrade for the same model you are already using -- rezzing an upgrade to replace your old one. The House Controllers do not allow you to rez out of theme, though, so you cannot rez a camping trailer on a traditional home parcel. If you want to have a home that is in a different theme, you need to abandon the one you have and request an entirely new one in the new theme.
  9. Since the initial rush of excitement this morning, things have calmed down a bit. There are still plenty of curious visitors in the Linden Reveal region, but not usually enough to hit the occupancy cap now. If you have trouble getting in, try teleporting to the American Cancer Society region next door and then walking across the bridge into Linden Reveal. Unless you are unlucky enough to be trying when the region really is full, you ought to be able to walk right in.
  10. Yeah, he's right. I don't know what got into my head. There's no new improved nuclear reactor that we are not supposed to talk about because of, well, NDA and all that. Besides, it's perfectly safe and there's nothing to see here.
  11. A new, improved nuclear reactor. 💥
  12. That's good advice, but it's not likely to be much of a problem. You can only rez objects on your own land, so it's very unlikely that your neighbor's house will be closer than your own when you rez the lights. You should of course check to be sure that you are rezzing lights that are designed for your own style of home. Even if you accidentally rez lights that were designed for your neighbor's house, though, they will not snap to that house if your neighbor has UNchecked the box in World > About Land > Options that allows Object Entry for everyone. For your immediate issue, however, Zoya's advice is the best. Submit a support case to ask someone to see why your house controller isn't giving you the content package.
  13. If you are in a camping trailer, you might also want to try the lighting options that are in the Content Pack for your home. This hanging lamp, for example, generates soft ambient light from its bulb (intensity 0.4, range 2.8m, falloff 0.375) and a second, directed source that shines downward to create a much lower intensity, short-range spot to highlight the table or floor immediately under it. This light was designed specifically to meet the needs of people decorating the smaller living space of a trailer home -- local, low level light at night and gentle fill-in light in daytime. Night time Day time
  14. It's in the Content Pack. Check your home's mailbox.
  15. Parallel to the real history of Bellisseria, it might also be interesting to start building a separate collection of presumed back stories. Many region names in Bellisseria suggest that they memorialize events or people that contributed in some way to making Bellisseria what it is today. For example, what really happened at Penitent Beach? Who was Welby and what did s/he have to do with Welby Corner? Who was the widow at Widow Point? When were mermaids last seen at Mermaid Frolic? Was there really a roaring bear at Roaring Bear or a kahuna at Kahuna? Inquiring minds want to know (or at least speculate).
  16. Awww... Thank you! It's getting chilly out here in MoleWorld, so hot cocoa, coffee, tea, and goodies sound very inviting.
  17. Be careful what you wish for. Every new feature makes the system more complicated and potentially harder to use. Extra bells and whistles also increase the number of things that can go wrong unexpectedly. We have to be very cautious about how many great ideas we can stuff into the homes (although you are right --- moles are ... ahem ... smarter than the average bear).
  18. There was no need to restart the region, if that was the issue. All you needed to do was reset your mailbox. Click and hold for three seconds. I did that for your parcel and for your neighbor to the SW. Please let me know if that ever doesn't work. BTW, that is a beautiful spot for a camping trailer.😎 You really got lucky.
  19. As a scripter, I run across glytches every day. I even create them, usually by accident. I think those particular ones are cute, though. They are comic relief, to make you let your guard down for a second. But I know nothing about how they got there. That's someone else's department. 🙄
  20. The covenant says: "Activities and items that could be construed as commercial and for profit by Linden Lab are not permitted in the residential homes and houseboats in Bellisseria."
  21. I think we still have a case of jalepeno caramel ice cream in the back room, but I haven't seen just plain pickle ice cream for a while. I will have to ask our supplier. Free pickles are a different department, though. Maybe @Abnor Mole knows where they are. Of course, not all local outlets carry the same stock. Have you tried a different location?
  22. That's OK Chief. We'll just keep moving them around fast enough that he won't be able to target them. Half of them are decoys anyway.
  23. To get the full experience, go up after dark. 😉
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