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  1. Yes, and they have absolutely nothing to do with Linden Homes, if that's the question. 😉 They've been around for a very long time, although reconfigured a couple of years ago.
  2. My only real mole is the annoying one in the middle of my back. Mole av's are impractical for day to day use because we'd really be the wrong size for testing stuff (like the height of doorknobs). Besides which ... it may be the company uniform, but I am a lot more beeeyoutiful than a squinty-eyed critter.
  3. Hey! I don't want to sound like shill for the Lab, but ... well ... I guess it's too late for that disclaimer ..... ANYWAY, if you are still looking for ways to share Valentine thoughts with someone in SL tomorrow, remember that you can send free gifts from the vendors on Isle Of View. All gifts will be delivered by Cupid Linden tomorrow morning, so you have to get your orders in before we switch over to delivery mode. And if that's not enough, look at the other possibilities >>>
  4. Don't forget that you can send free Valentine gifts to anyone in SL from the vendors in Isle Of View. You can get there from Portal Park or by direct teleport. There is a whole new set of great gifts this year. All you have to do is place your order before we shut down the vendors to deliver everything on Friday morning. 😍
  5. Yeah, what he said (or didn't say -- we neither affirm nor deny the strict truth of anything that we have made up or been advised to know nothing about -- Did I get that right, Patch?).
  6. Thank you. but some of us are eternally young. (That's blonde hair, not gray .....)
  7. I'd advise against making assumptions. As you might guess, Moles have other pressing responsibilities, and we were not hired to be policemen or trash collectors. We help where we can because we take pride in what we and the residents have been creating together, and we want to do our bit to keep Bellisseria a great place to live in SL. As far as ARs are concerned, Linden Lab has to put their highest priority on offenses like account fraud and property damage, so lower priority issues like covenant violations usually take longer to resolve. If you submit an AR and don't see a rapid resolution, it might mean that we're overwhelmed with other things and haven't gotten to it yet. Or it might mean that it's not as bad as you thought it was, so it will either be shoved to the bottom of the stack or set aside. You'll never know. If you think that an AR hasn't been appropriately acted on, you may always try submitting it again after a reasonable time. Or pretend it isn't there.
  8. Pretty old. I'm surprised that you don't recognize it. 😏
  9. I'm pleased that people are having such fun and being creative with the custom coloring tool in the Victorian homes, and doubly pleased that you are finding easy free tools for getting RGB values to try. If you are trying to match colors that you find in world, pay attention to @Madelaine McMasters advice and remember that the color that you see on your monitor is affected by ambient light and by any local light sources, and that shadows and specularity will modify hue and intensity as well. And, of course, remember that your own monitor's color balance "personalizes" the colors that you see. Someone else, using a different monitor, may see different colors than you do. You can go nuts trying to find the perfect color. 😉
  10. Sorry about that, @Kitten Kaos. I was indeed AFK and only saw chat later, after you had left. I was trying to test an idea, and it was easier to do it in one of the mountain lakes than to make a fake one somewhere else. Yes, it really is lovely there. The landscaping crew does a marvelous job.
  11. When you rez a new home, be very sure to wait for at least 30 seconds before you touch it. There's a chat message to remind you. The Victorian homes have a lot going on in them, so they need that time at the start to initialize everything. If that does not work for you, submit a support case or contact Live Chat so that we know where to come and do some triage.
  12. @MaisyDrew You didn't say specifically, but you may be living in one of the original Linden Homes -- the old version that is rapidly being replaced by the homes in Bellisseria. Take a look at the images in the Knowledge Base article to see. If you really are in an older Linden Home, you may abandon it and request a newer home. Those are in pretty high demand, so you should be patient and keep trying.
  13. It's an indexing issue, dealing with the way that the custom labels are generated, so it doesn't matter whether you use the color picker or the RGB tool. The number wasn't advancing properly. It shouldn't make a difference whether the owner or someone on the access list is tinting the walls, and I haven't seen that problem myself. That custom color system is tricky enough that it is capable of handing me surprises now and then, though. Now that you have noted it, I will keep an eye open.
  14. This is a known issue. I agree that it is annoying. Fortunately, I have a fix. It will be released as soon as we can. 😎
  15. Apparently removed already. I was just in the neighborhood and didn't see anything.
  16. That would concern me too, but I don't think anyone would be breaking the naming and shaming rule by posting at least the name of the region where you think there's something going on. We wouldn't want people to start posting here instead of submitting abuse reports, but you know that moles and Lindens do occasionally read the forums. If we see something that needs attention, especially if it's something pretty simple, we can sometimes at least take a quick look, if we know where to look.
  17. Whenever the region's servers are asked to rez something, there is a perceptible drop in available resources. The more things that need to be rezzed at once, or the more complex those things are, the greater the temporary drain on the servers. The same thing happens when avatars enter or leave a region. It takes a certain amount of the servers' attention to move objects and avatars around. The practical result is that these things create lag. One major problem with repeating temp rezzers, then, is that they keep producing that small amount of lag over and over again, like background white noise that is a constant drain, making it just that much harder for the servers to do other things. A temp rezzer that isn't repeating continually or one lonely temp rezzer in a region probably aren't going to be noticed. If several people each start setting out several of the things, though, they can be a real annoyance. That's one reason why we Moles don't use temp rezzers to create the butterflies in Bellisseria, for example, but use animated textures instead.
  18. We're all a little dopey at times. (OK, I walked right into that one, but you left the door open.) BTW, did it ever strike you as odd that none of the seven dwarves are female?
  19. "Sir? .... Sir, you may want to step away from the bar. The security detail would like to get you out of the crowd for a few minutes ..... Sir? .... Ma'am, excuse us .... " 😎
  20. All that really counts is that he squeaks. 🐭
  21. That's turning out to be a harder bug to pin down than we thought, Sylvia, largely because it only seems to affect a very few houses, randomly. I feel a little like the auto mechanic with a customer who wants me to fix a rattle that was there yesterday but went silent on the way to the shop. It's going to take some patient experimentation to fix. For now, if you have this problem I suggest either (a) rezzing a new copy of the house or (b) choosing a different model of the home. The bug appears to only make a difference as the home is rezzing, so when you rez one that works properly, it should be fine from then on. We'll keep banging on things in the shop until we get it resolved properly, and we'll push out an update as soon as we can.
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