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  1. Thanks, Mateo. That gives me a starting point. I'll see what can be done.
  2. Hmmm.. Without an idea of what error message you may be seeing, it's a little hard to know where to start. I can't replicate the effect myself. If you can replicate the effect, gather as many details as you can and put them into a JIRA BUG report so we have something to work with.
  3. It should be significantly greater than 15. Exactly what is the script error? Have you tried rezzing a new copy of the Security System?
  4. I haven't heard of a gift policy, but there might be one. I should ask. Moles do get paid. and we have a lot of work to do. As far as I am concerned, I just like to know that I am doing something that people enjoy, so a friendly note means a lot more than a gift. It actually feels fells a little funny to get a gift from someone I don't even know, but I do appreciate the kindness.
  5. Moles go to a lot of trouble to design local settings that match the mood of special builds like LDPW games ( think PaleoQuest or Linden Realms ) and seasonal regions like the Winter Wonderland, Halloween, and Isle of View (Valentine's Day). The moles who create textures and do all the landscaping always work in the custom EEP so that they know exactly what their work should look like to visitors. I feel a little sad when people decide to ignore the atmospherics and go with a blah standard noon sky. It really ruins the mood. 😯
  6. So, you and your sorority sisters are planning to rent out rooms by the hour, and you want to be able to eject visitors who overstay their welcome? Yes, you should be able to do that. There's no upper limit on ejection time. Just a lower limit. Remember that you have to enter the time in seconds..... Be really careful about how visible your sorority's activities are, of course. I suggest a skybox. Remember the 2000m lower limit. 😏
  7. Dyna Mole

    Linden Home

    I think we've got it. Welcome to Bellisseria.
  8. There is a quotation mark missing in that line.
  9. You can teleport to the Shop and Hop regions (or an adjacent cam region) by clicking on the upper Left or upper Right corners of any Teleport map in the SL17B regions. The map will take you there instantly. Distance is no object. 😉
  10. Sneaky residents has found my Precious.ss..s.... 💍.......
  11. Yes, indeed., Your Linden Homes covenant says: Security orbs are only allowed if they comply with the following restrictions: -Minimum of 15 seconds warning time (no shorter) -Eject from parcel only (not teleport them home) -Effective range cannot include the airspace between 400m and 2000m (to allow for people to fly overhead but not in the airspace where skyboxes are allowed) If you are uncertain, there is a free security system provided in the Linden Homes Content Pack. It does not have the ability to be set in a manner that does not comply with these restrictions. Click on the house controller outside of your parcel (the one used for changing house models) to get the most current content pack sent to you. The obvious advantage of using the Lab's system is that you know that it meets the covenant requirements (and it's free). You are welcome to use another system that you may be comfortable with, as long as you adjust it to comply with the covenant.
  12. It's actually only incidentally because of the color changing ability, which is handled mostly in a separate temporary HUD. As you said, correctly: When we developed the Victorian theme, the big scripting change was to consolidate the door/window/blind functions into a single control script instead of treating them locally. Scripting always involves making tradeoffs among script efficiency, size, and complexity, as well as optimizing server load and making the system simple and reliable for the end user. When we made that big decision to consolidate, we ended up with fewer scripts and greater efficiency -- and some extra functions like custom coloring -- but had to accept some downsides. Most of those were under the hood, where they just make it trickier for us but you never see them. That hand icon is a small, mildly annoying one that we couldn't avoid. We mutter the mantra softly ... "It's not a flaw; it's a feature."
  13. I suspect that was a typing error, Garnet. (I do that all the time, so typos are familiar territory.) Take a look at these two quick images: As you can see, all I did to change the cube from a nice pink girl prim to a blue boy prim was to "accidentally" miss typing the final 4 in the code for the red channel, so it became 19 instead of 194. It's not your deep navy blue, but you get the idea. I can mess with typos and create all sorts of odd results. I can even do it with copy/paste. Nothing is immune from my typo skills.
  14. There's a prominent note in the instruction notecard that is in your mailbox that says: IMPORTANT: Please note that custom colors are always saved in the control panel for your house, but they are NOT saved anywhere else. If you rez a new home on your parcel, any custom colors will be lost and you will need to create and apply them again. This is one very good reason to save the RGB values for favorite colors in a notecard or some other personal note. There's no practical way for the system to save the custom colors that you create. The dataserver can remember which preset colors you choose, because the house scripts have the detailed color vectors hard coded. Storing the custom vectors for up to nine user-created colors on each house in a region, though, would be more of a challenge. That's why we included the chat message that shows up every time you change the color of a wall, and it's why we advise you to write them in a sticky note or keep a notecard to remind you. That way, you can use the color information for tinting add-ons that you create or you can re-apply them to the walls in a different house that you may rez later. To apply that saved color information to a wall, use the <RGB> option instead of the Color Picker. Now, the system is supposed to remember the colors that you choose for the outside of the house, unless the house changes ownership. When you rez a different house model on the parcel, it is supposed to have the same exterior colors and should remember the preset colors on interior walls (just not your custom colors). If that's not working, it needs to be fixed.
  15. As Fritigern says, the Wilderness regions all still exist and are fun to explore.Here's a shot of Capybara: You can find links to all ten destinations in the Destination Guide under Wilderness:
  16. How about the entire continent of Bellisseria? The system that drives all of the house selection and decoration process is handled by an Experience.
  17. No, not this time anyway. The string that was in the access file was not an avatar name of any kind. It was just a harmless but mildly annoying bogus entry created by a server hiccup of some kind. Life wouldn't be the same without a few mysteries.
  18. @93YearOld That is odd indeed, but it's nothing to worry about. As you said, correctly, the access control system is scripted to clear all of the resident names from the access lists when it detects that a parcel has changed ownership. I do not know how to account for the ghost in your own access list. The system always checks any name that you try to add to the list and will reject a name that is not recognized as a valid login name, so that odd name wasn't entered by a previous owner or some random passer-by. In any case, since it's not a resident name, it's not going to be letting a real person into your home. If you send me a private note or an IM with a SLURL to your parcel, I can get into the system to remove that bogus name manually.
  19. Remember too that when you change the color of an interior or exterior wall in a Victorian home, you will see a message in local chat that tells you what the RGB color vector for that color is. That can be handy if you are installing an add-on and want to match its color to your house.
  20. This is a very good conversation. It's parallel to several that Quartz and I have had between us. As you can imagine, the house control scripts have become very complex at this point, as we have added extra functionality (customized coloring of interior walls, interfacing with the LH security orb, ... ) and have taken steps to make scripts faster and more efficient. And, of course, we have made the scripts as tamper-proof and bug-free as possible. With several thousand Linden Homes on the ground now, we have found more unexpected side effects than we ever imagined possible and we have had to make some compromises along the way to keep them minimal. Reducing the number of scripts, for example, has improved region-wide load on the servers but has made the houses touch-sensitive so that you can't double-click to TP. To my mind, that's a small sacrifice because it takes hardly any time to walk from one place to another inside your house (I do it all the time in RL, actually), but I do understand that it has removed a small convenience that many residents value. If there were an easy way to get double-click TPs back without creating some other problem, we might give it a shot. I've watched Quartz tear his hair out to get all the doors, windows, and blinds to operate reliably and independently from a single script (and not collide with the control and access scripts) , though, and I'm not eager to see him go bald just to make it easier to TP inside.
  21. Some moles do ... some other moles. 🥴
  22. Yes, and they have absolutely nothing to do with Linden Homes, if that's the question. 😉 They've been around for a very long time, although reconfigured a couple of years ago.
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