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  1. 9 hours ago, SierraStyles said:

    Timothy Scarborough in the Helping Haven sim has a great DJ class and he will answer questions re: being a SL DJ. He  also has a class on hosting. Both good classes  for people looking to DJ or be a host/hostess in SL.

    What prices on his class ??

  2.  I'm being stressed and constently getting shot by robots BEHIND the wall and VERY in Quest 5 it's upsetting and frustrating for me PLEASE fix this or people will NOT play this region :( it's hard enough DOING it all over again and 0 save points to not run entire CRAP all over again 

  3. New SL club opening soon. This will be a 24/7 club opening up with amazing ambiance, great staff, wonderful management and the best part is right now you keep 100% of tips. We are currently hiring Staff, Dancers, and DJ's with strong followings and experience. You must be 30 days or older to work here and at least 18+ in age. The format will be Top 40- Hip Hop- Commercial House,  and Trap. NO HARDSTYLE, TRANCE OR COUNTRY . Our slots are getting filled quickly, we already have some of SL's TOP DJ's and dancers on staff. Come be a part of a Quickly growing Family, 



  4. Join us on the beach tonight 6-8pm and party with the Awesome Aussie DJ Drake!

    Wear your swim suit or wear your birthday suit ! Come dance hang out and party with the hottest tunes on the newest hot beach in SL.

    Join us at HOasis Beach for all your meet and greets , make new friends, spend some special times with a special friend * wink wink*... or just come party and enjoy a relaxing day with hot tunes and hot people partying in the hot sand!

  5. Hearing impaired beginner DJ looking for a job (still practising on SAM Pro) can play EDM/Trap/Dubstep/House(Remixes/Mashup) and other EDM types and Punk/Rock... i also can use mic (wont talk during music) if needed to premote clubs or for the tips :)

    I dont play 90,80, classic and country since they are not my type of music ...

    If your interest please send me a notecard with your DJ application and i will get back to you ASAP <3

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