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  1. I used to have VDJ 8 license but cancelled it when I stopped DJ on SL so now's it's expensive
  2. Like map or what stores gonna be there or gallery and stuff ???
  3. What prices on his class ??
  4. Oh thanks for putting into right section @Rolig Loon and okay
  5. So wondering what's most cheapest and easiest to use to become a good DJ and also able to mix
  6. Accidently press button in my friend list and now all jumpled up and over the place
  7. I was avoiding them but keeps shooting behind walls which consider cheating and ruins the fun
  8. I'm being stressed and constently getting shot by robots BEHIND the wall and VERY in Quest 5 it's upsetting and frustrating for me PLEASE fix this or people will NOT play this region it's hard enough DOING it all over again and 0 save points to not run entire CRAP all over again
  9. Is there a good decent DJ school is willing to teach me how to DJ again (yet been away for few month and getting back to SL and wondering if there any DJ school or anyone willing to teach me few tips ?
  10. Still people break those rules and make new accounts hell my SL friends has even famous celebs has that plays second life ...
  11. Meh i added few RL pics of myself on my SL account so atm im safe for now though
  12. I have NOT broken ANY rules tbh by making a second life facebook account (i already have RL one aswell) but i do sometimes post my RL pictures on my SL facebook aswell
  13. Yes i am old enough to register for second life mate .... even i use fb for taking photography aswell as DJing in second life
  14. Well cause all those hard earn pics taken in SL gets deleted also even video's that gets recorded gone and wasted for nothing is kinda unfair tbh ..
  15. Yeah hence why i used my RL last name to keep my FB active lol
  16. Yet few of my friend's has their facebook disabled due to fake identity and names.... yet which they need to stop When will LL tell facebook to leave us be .... im sick of remaking my FB account everytime they disable my account for what only using Second Life ...
  17. Day and half till new gaming laws come into effect so whats all clubs going to do with their skill games when they get removed ?
  18. NEW HIGHLY PUBLICIZED CLUB COVED is now Hiring Dedicated Staff to join our hardworking team, for information Come on by and or write Ladjgirl. Slots are filling fast so don't miss out on a chance to be part of this AMAZING new club. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lisboa/190/18/3007 Experience Dancers, DJ's are welcome
  19. When the new gaming law hits first day next month or are they safe (to keep trafifc coming) ?
  20. New SL club opening soon. This will be a 24/7 club opening up with amazing ambiance, great staff, wonderful management and the best part is right now you keep 100% of tips. We are currently hiring Staff, Dancers, and DJ's with strong followings and experience. You must be 30 days or older to work here and at least 18+ in age. The format will be Top 40- Hip Hop- Commercial House, and Trap. NO HARDSTYLE, TRANCE OR COUNTRY . Our slots are getting filled quickly, we already have some of SL's TOP DJ's and dancers on staff. Come be a part of a Quickly growing Family, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lisboa/193/17/3007
  21. Contact Kyukidelmonica resident for dancers job if needed but spots are filling up fast
  22. Join us on the beach tonight 6-8pm and party with the Awesome Aussie DJ Drake! Wear your swim suit or wear your birthday suit ! Come dance hang out and party with the hottest tunes on the newest hot beach in SL. Join us at HOasis Beach for all your meet and greets , make new friends, spend some special times with a special friend * wink wink*... or just come party and enjoy a relaxing day with hot tunes and hot people partying in the hot sand!
  23. Hearing impaired beginner DJ looking for a job (still practising on SAM Pro) can play EDM/Trap/Dubstep/House(Remixes/Mashup) and other EDM types and Punk/Rock... i also can use mic (wont talk during music) if needed to premote clubs or for the tips :) I dont play 90,80, classic and country since they are not my type of music ... If your interest please send me a notecard with your DJ application and i will get back to you ASAP <3
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