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  1. Wow thank you so much for the reply! Taure Ru and Sylvhara are now on my list to visit. I might as well keep a running tab here of the places I have checked out. I spent quite a bit of time at Bakura, the star wars sim. Its so well done and I had a lot of fun exploring. Seemed pretty busy but I could never seem to watch a role play scene. So boo. I'll be checking back there though. Hit three other star wars sims, just as impressive. Went to Antiquity, very cool, didn't find anyone around though. Will be heading back to check out some pirates! Also checked out Exile Salem. Then I spent some time searching and collecting bookmarks for places to check out later. I really wanted to check out Tombstone but alas I wasn't old enough. These "real life" type RP sims are intriguing. I checked out a few and the builds were impressive. I wanted to find Henderson and ended up in Miami-Dade, not sure if it was the right spot! Still trying to get used to being back in Second Life. I'm going to check out Berlin later tonight.
  2. Hello! I thought I would jump in here and introduce myself and maybe gather some information while I am at it. Obviously if I am here I am looking for some role play! I used to play around on second life but just socially, I've never used the medium for role playing. If I can find a new home I may be compelled to activate my old account, but for now I've created a new avatar for my quest. A bit about me. My name is Samantha, I'm from the US, SL time. I've been rping in one form or another for 20+ years. Everything from MMOs, LARP, PnP, forum etc. etc. so on and so forth. I really love an MMO with forum support. I like to create stories with other players and usually like to keep a "diary" of sorts for my character as well. My favorite genre is SCIFI but I am open to anything really. I am a huge IRL horror fan, urban/noir looks interesting and I've done plenty of fantasy and medieval role playing. I love that there are so many different places to play here in Second Life! What I really hope to find is a group of active players (who are open to newcomers) and a home to immerse my character in. The backdrop isn't as important. I like to start slow and really observe some active role play. Learn about the back story, current story arc and research what character would best fit in and fill a needed role. It takes me a couple of weeks to build a character but once I do I am all in and I love contributing to the overall community. I know it takes time, money and effort to build a character and to ease yourself into the arc, the feel and the fabric of a role play world. My preference is for human or hybrid characters. Though the thought of being a mermaid (since I love and collect them IRL) is intriguing... but um yea, I like to be human. I don't usually like combat myself, combat medic aside, but I like a world with combat in it. I like a world with intrigue, adventure and fun! Playing a medic/healer class character is really enjoyable to me. Experimenting and researching new medicines/potions, healing combat types, keeping a hospital. I love to play an assistant or a toadie. Being the side kick or 2nd fiddle. I also like to "handicap" my character in some way. Hearing impaired, horrible phobia, bad habit... nothing that would be prevailing or all consuming just a little hindrance that my character has to overcome in her current setting. I also love to play an "evil" character (lawful evil mostly) because they are so juicy and its hard to play an evil character with dimension and without an "I win because I'm eeeeeviiiiilllll" button. Hehe. Open ended role play that is mindful of your fellow players story is my favorite. I like to emote and let my body language, tone, demeanor, mood convey/or try to conceal my thoughts and feelings. I understand that para role playing is very popular on SL. This is not really my cup of tea, I prefer something faster paced, more actor/simulationist, though if I had to learn para I would. As I stated its really about a good group and real immersion. A place with rules and established story arc and even some events would interest me. Intro classes to help with immersion or even a buddy system would be a bonus. Though I don't mind a place that is just starting out either. Gosh I really am just open to anything aren't I? So... I'll be around sim hoping, observing and collecting some information. Also re-learning how to navigate about in Second Life, heh! If anyone here has a place they think I should check out please let me know! Also any store I should check out for gear that enhances RP in Second Life or any tool that is a must have? A push in the right direction would be much appreciated! TL;DR - Point me towards some interesting RP sims already! What is needed to have fun RPing in SL? I am eager to jump in the pool and play! Thanks so much!
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