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  1. Selling one full private region for $175. This includes transfer fee. Tier of $295 is due on the 21st of April. The sim's name must be changed, as I own copyright on the name, and the name is used for other purposes. I'd prefer to change the name myself, to whatever the buyer desires prior to sale, just to be sure. I am willing to pay half of the name change fee if the buyer allows me to do so. In this case, I will ask for $200 from the buyer, and take a $25 loss on the name change.
  2. I and many others whom I know have been having massive issues with simcrossings in the past week. It's like something went haywire! We can't cross with vehicles (except for rare circumstances) and crossing while on foot might put you against the far side of the sim you're walking into. This is unacceptable . . .
  3. Hello, my name is Slava, and I identify as both furry and therian. I've been involved in the furry community for 16 years, and have been on the lookout for outher therians, my entire life. If you're new to SL, new to furry, or having your therian awakening, feel free to message me or drop me a notecard. I run my own sims, and am more than glad to provide a safe, tolerant place for newbies to learn and grow. Anyhow, any and all inquiries are welcome, and I hope to hear from some of you!
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