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    -Hovertext on/off, on rental info
    -Add partner, allows you to authorize more than one partner per rented space, making it easier for them as all partners can place objects .
    -possible split rent up to 5 person or more
    -Split key to share with one other person the rental income, Split %,
    -im owner and mangers with payment
    -Can be connected to a parcel or door to allow access to renter once the box is payed.
    -able to set the price and prims allowed
    -email owner
    -Add managers
    -setup up to 4 different discounts depending on the length of the rental period .
    -rent weekly, monthly
    -prim count and im renter/owner when over limit
    -rent due reminder 3 days, 2 days 1 day im to renter / owner
    -add to the group once payment is made renter/partners
    -no prim shrinking
    -give notecard on 1st touch. renter and new comers.
    -possible lockout.
    -reset, evict, reserve owner only
    -need copy/mod/transfer

    *more then one language would be a plus

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