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  1. Ok I won't buy the hair then. I'm trying to find a short frizzy hair style red in color it's beginning to look impossible. There are afros but they are black but nothing else short and frizzy where I'm able to tint a wine color.
  2. Is it safe to buy that hair or not?
  3. So you are saying Linden Lab doesn't care nor does the person that they have claimed to have copied the hair from doesn't care either? That doesn't make any sense at all. =/
  4. I just noticed the seller doesn't even exist in people search. Now I'm really confused.
  5. On the Marketplace I see where people are complaining about hair they say is copied somehow but yet their comments have been well over a year ago accusing the seller of fraud. No one is in any great hurry to stop the sales if that is indeed to be true. If the hairstyles were something I had made I would be on the phone with Linden Lab furiously demanding them to take action immediately, that doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe they got permission to sell the hair? Is it safe to buy?
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