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  1. I am thankful for the newer posts on this thread as I was thinking of trying a VPN to see if it would solve the issues I was having before. But, the thread here is telling me it most likely would make matters worse. I have wiped my drive and started with a fresh install of windows 7. Thinking, maybe all the back ground things going on with windows 10 might be causing the issues I was having. So far, I have seen an improvement with my connection issues, whether it was windows 10 or the small two way firewall I had been using the past 6 years was at fault, idk.
  2. I have always set to "Never" also my comp power settings are "Never" as well. I have tried quite a few viewers too, just to make sure it wasn't an undiscovered bug in FS. I think it just may be something going on with SL
  3. Well, so far just when afk (minimized viewer) and it's only been in the past month, so the only two sims I have went afk are the two sims I owned the parcels in. Both sims are private sims not connected to mainland. Strangely, as much as I have been testing this recently (purposely going afk for periods of time) After I posted my last post. I tested when I logged back in and for 5 hours straight, no problem at all, even logged an alt in for testing.
  4. That didn't take long for me lol 5 min after logging in. "You have been logged out of second life. This region may be experiencing trouble. Please check your connection to the internet."
  5. I see, well, they must have at some point. I assumed that if I had "access" to the land restricted to the group only that rezzing objects would be limited to that as well. But I went into the land options and took off script and rezzing and limited all that to group only. I'm still having a problem with being kicked when going afk. Iv'e searched high and low for a setting on my computer that might be the cause, I run windows 10.
  6. Thank you for the help, I had no idea that someone could send scripts from other sims/parcels.. That explains it. There is no one in my group that would do anything devious (short list) just people I know in RL and are not very tech savvy. If they can send a script to bounce me around (outsiders) then perhaps they can send a script to knock me off line. I made the appropriate changes in the land options, so we will see if that has been the cause, at least there was another advantage to my sim move, cheaper tier and no neighbors using to many scripts making the sim laggy. Again thank you, you may have solved the riddle and perhaps had they not sent the griefing script at me, I may have never figured out how I was being kicked all the time.
  7. Within the last month I have had some strange things occurring while logged into to second life. Firstly within the past month my account has been logging out when I go afk for 10 minutes or more, I have checked to be sure my firestorm settings are set to "never". and everything in my viewer seems fine, so I asked in the firestorm group if they had any ideas, they said check net power and connections, so I shut off the computer and re plugged everything in, but the problem came back and still persists. Secondly after moving from one sim to another thinking that the sim I was on may be the problem. The sim I moved to has no other residents. But two times now while standing in the middle of my home it was like I was being griefed, I had a white cloud move through my home and knock me around a bit before it dissipated. The second time I had on an anit griefing hud but when actived it said there were no other residents and I checked, no one else had been on the sim but me. I also have my parcel deeded to my personal group, and the setting is group only for the land access.
  8. Valkyria strip club and bar Valkyria Strip Club & Bar Newly opened Valkyria strip club and bar is looking for dancers to work atour club. Come and enjoy the gothic but classy rock androll club that everyone is taling about and why the compitition seeks to destroy us. Enjoy some of the most beautiful woman in SL, we have daily events and up coming concerts looking for a club to wrok at and have fun? we are looking for dancers. You must be over 18 and have an avatar that is an adult avtar. must be friendly and outgoing in nearby chat must agree to a one time voice verify to prove you are the same gender as your avatar have fun with us here in SL
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