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  1. Before i get shade no i am not looking to ban furs or any over 21 looking avatars anything like that i want to be able to blacklist and auto ban people using underaged avatars. while my staff ban them on site its imposable to watch 24 hours a say and would like a system to automate this process any suggestions would be great
  2. they broke it big time even Simulator hand offs are buggy you cross more than three and you get slaped out of your plane or boat. they need to fix this and fast.
  3. depressing cant fly irl becuse of a broken Shoulder cant get on SL to fly call me depressed
  4. Welcom to the Joy of Being a SL pilot sadly the only safe place to fly is protected watterways. Overland sky os Flooded with trash. Sadly the area of sky that is clear is full of banlines if you clime up over banline hight you run into the Skyboxes. (which are easy to stear around but, you will allways find Full parsles or people who have controll issues and 0 second security orbs. (and dont give me that privacy trash it takes me 2 seconds to fly threw your tiny parsle and trust me I have no intrest in being a Peeping tom listeringe eydrops hurt) what linden lab Needs to do is declar
  5. Wonder what they are brakeing now. my guess the Grid will be unflyable after they are done withthis
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