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  1. True, there are so many schools around Second Life, but to be honest I never saw one that is absolutely amazing (the amazing ones doesn't exists anymore...) So now you can do it. Elementary or College? Which one do you want to make? If you're undecided you can make both (like one build front of the other). My suggestions are: 1. MESH BUILDING. I'm tired to see those prim schools. Make it as realistic as possible. 2. Decore the school and rooms. Details are always very appreciated, remember the realistic school look. 3. Create another build for dorms if you want to. Give students the permission to decorate their own room. 4. Create some off-schol projects (ex. School magazine, dancers and cheerleaders...) 5. Interesting courses, people loves to rp match, grammar etc... but would be amazing to learn real things like photography, designing etc... 6. Add tolilettes, a gym, garden etc...Where students can pass the time also when the school is close. It makes the school much funnier. For the name I don't really know... maybe a king, poet or animal name...
  2. The Shoe Project is a new seasonal fair exclusive for original mesh shoes creations. The event runs every 3 months: January, April, July & October. The first round will start 10 Jan to 31th Jan. For talented original mesh designers. There aren't sponsors for this fair, and no theme, so everyone have the possibility to create his favorite shoe style! And you.. customers.. you will have the great possibility to find every kind of shoe, for men, women and unisex! We have a new website, facebook and flickr page, visits us!
  3. Hello, Im improving my photoshop skills in sl avatars editing, so i need models available to pose for me. Im looking for 8 female models and 2 male models, good quality avatars. You will receive the picture in-world after the shoot for free. Please contact me inworld if you're interested: Neveril Resident TY!
  4. Well she can tell me without kick me and dont give my money back. Time ago she ask me to have only a tot of bots, i put only the numbers of bots that she ask me, She also ask us to change land because the bot, and we change (time ago) and now she kick? Sorry but it is not correct. And she get angry because we return a prim that she always rezz in our land from her Club.
  5. Not sure if i can do it cause she told me that she return all my stuff in the land now... and give me back only the 50%.
  6. I've already tried to talk with her. She just threatened to kick me out of the land now and that she would give back only 50% of my old rent back. She was not given me any explanation, she only said she throws me out and, then, she said I cause problems because I own a shop in the land (the land is COMMERCIAL!).
  7. What about if she want to kick me out of the land now (2 weeks yet) and refund me only the 50%?
  8. But our rent is never expire, she change the price when we have 2 weeks yet
  9. Hi everyone, Is from almost 5/6 months that i have a land, i always paid this land 870L$/week (with 10% off if i pay 4weeks). I always paid the rent before it expire, today i was going to pay the rent when i saw that the price is 1,025L$/week, and i think is not correct because nobody told me nothing. Is it legal to change the price if i rent that land when the price was 870L$/week? Because when i rent this land the first time i was accepting the 870L$ price and is not correct that now i have to pay a different price of 1,025L$. Thank you
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