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  1. I'm not a cache clearing junkies, and I've literally only done it twice. I don't automatically do it as a fix. I usually just relog and all the issues are fixed. But the times that I HAVE done it, I had the same opinion as some people here. I don't see why I should let the cache have hundreds or thousands of textures from stores, places and homes that I will never go to again. You go to a new club you hear about, download all the 850 textures (that's a tiny club), then never go back. That's lots of space just wasted. That was my thoughts anyhow. I tend to just log in, or relog, and I'm fine. M
  2. Thank you all for that. It makes a little better sense now. But in the same turn, even when I do have MINOR issues, such as a friends face texture not loading or something, a quick relog fixes the issue. So... Would you still advise cache clearing for textures not loading? I mean, if it's so helpful to keep (cache).
  3. Ever since I joined SL, people (residents) have been advising me and others to clear their cache every so often. Not only to clear some space, but also to help things run smoother. Now, just last night, I was in a Firestorm support chat, and someone had a question about memory, things being a tad rough, etc. I had suggested they clear their cache every once in awhile. After doing so, I was bombarded with IM's and replies (in chat), hostilely telling me NOT to advise people this, and Firestorm "never suggests anyone EVER clear their cache". A phrase that was given was, "clearing
  4. Thanks very much. I've checked everything and updated.... Still doesn't seem to work. I did the external video play while running SL, and it worked fast and smooth. So I'm lost really. But I'm definitely not spending any more money on tv's.
  5. I'm trying to incorporate a "movie night" at my sim. And I'm having lots of issues. I've bought many different tv's and screens, even attempted to direct parcel media way, building a prim and placing the media texture on it. So far only the tv's work. But even so, everyone seems to get the picture quick and fine. Mine, however, is slow on loafing and sometimes just doesn't load. Even tho everyone else sees it. I use wifi, and I assume it's that. But a few people here say they're on wifi as well, and they have no issues. My wifi is the best I could get as far as speed and connection.
  6. No, you're wrong. Child avies can not PARTICIPATE in adult situations. Meaning pose balls, and sexual play. Everything else is fair game. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Avatar/Policies-on-child-avatars-on-mature-or-adult-sims/qaq-p/1331563 Policies towards child avatars are largely focused on the actions of the avatars, not the avatars themselves. Child avatars are allowed within Second Life.[1] A child avatar, even within a mature or adult region (but not participating in adult (in this case, sexual) ) activities is allowed. A child avatar is allowed do everything any other av
  7. Ya, I wasn't sure how furries make SL more like a game as well. Most furries I know, including myself at times, is basically like anyone else. Just... Furry.
  8. No, you can not be AR'd actually. "I have been away and my friend, who is on the access list, has been keeping an eye on my home and just visiting." And you're done. Keep the payments to yourself, with no description in the payment message. Done this way, you can not be AR'd. Whoever is threatening that you can be AR'd, are just ToS humpers who get nothing out of SL and don't believe in a fun, free environment. These are the same people that will charge you $L350 to join their group that has no land and no one has been on in 2 years. Happy sharing!
  9. First of all, if you were hanging around in a furry place, with other furries... I doubt you would get this response. I'm not really understanding the deal here. I have a demigod tiger avi, a kid Neko outfit, etc. and when I'm around those droids, I do not get negative feedback. But I also know better than to stay in my Neko outfit or furry outfit all day. Yes, you have every right to stay "who you are", 24/7. We all have that right. But it's kind of like an African American CHOOSING to hang out in a KKK ran city. Sure, their beliefs aren't "illegal", and neither is the person going to this pl
  10. I thought LL put in an "18 years of age or older" rule. Someone told me that it is possible to be AR'd and banned for being under 18 in real life. But I am not positive. Just what I have heard. Also, I was never around for teen grid. I joined last December and have since made 4 accounts. Not for the typical reasons of "hiding", but I like to RP, many different things. One avi for Neko RP, one for kid RP, one for regular socializing (based on my RL self), and one for handling all my business. Such as my credit card. And I must say, as a SL kid myself, there are lots of places for you to go
  11. I have to agree with you. As far as MY taste goes, I HATE NC givers with a passion, and the age restriction is rather tasteless. We know some have alts or even just new accounts to start fresh, so restricting them is kind of rude, in my opinion. But, I have heard that it keeps things "safer", from griefers and whatnot. And the NC givers... Are just simply annoying to me. Every time you pop in, you get the same 6 pop-ups, and the only way to stop it is ignore the giver. Which in turn, mutes the person. But I understand that if their are "big" rules, that it would be wise to give at least one NC
  12. Does this only apply to "about land" options? Meaning, if I only "Set" the group to the land, can my managers still kick people, edit ban list, etc.?
  13. How do i set a "days old" restriction on a homestead. Such as, "you must be at least 3 days old...", etc. Do I HAVE to "Deed" the land to the group in order for group managers and different group roles to have their abilities? I've been told that you must "Deed" it, or the group abilities mean nothing. Some said "Setting" the group, rather than "Deeding", does the trick just the same. Is it a MUST that i have a NC giver that gives visitors rules, requirements, etc. every time they come? Or is putting a rules and requirements at the en
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