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  1. Dres: If you spent money on things that don't fit, you'd be angy to. But since it looks like you have the perfect factory-made male AV you don't see the problem women who are different in in Second Life are having. Mesh is just another gimic to try to keep vendors interested. Also just another thing that will make everyone the same in Second Life. For many of us it's nothing but horrible.
  2. More lies!! "garments that make avatars look their absolute best." NO it doesn't - I still can't find anything that fits my BBW AV - what a stupid joke!
  3. It's not better! Its horrible and the only reason they made it is to make more money. Nothing mesh fits my BBW AV - NOTHING not even fitted mesh - and who wants to deal with five sizes and never be sure if ANYTHING you buy will fit!! JUST PLAIN STUPID! I loved SL shopping until mesh came along - now it's just a nightmare!! I'm pretty much fed up with SL to - all the fun is gone. Most of the time guys just want voice and RL anyway - who needs any of it!
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