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  1. Hi. I am looking to be contacted for the customer service reps job. I am very reliable, and can be flexible with hours. I am very organized, and consider myself great at multitasking. So please consider me for the job, and contact me ASAP if possible for an interview if you would like.
  2. Hi, I saw your ad, and I am interested in the job. I am very dependable, and very hardworking. consider myself great around children, being that I have a son, and plenty of nieces and nephews in my RL. I am very flexible, and organized, and can do spare of the moment task if needed be. Please consider me for the job and I will not let you down.
  3. Hi, I am looking to join your ground breaking business. I would like to have the receptionist job. I am very good at communicating, and have great organizational skills. I am opened to learning new things, and I consider myself a very hard worker. Please consider me for the receptionist job. Thank you :]
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